To remove senators, rules and laws that threatens our democracy.

To remove senators, rules and laws that threatens our democracy.

June 5, 2022
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Started by Carlos Chavez

Democracy is a system of government in which laws, policies, leadership, and major undertaking of a state of other polity are directing or indirectly decided by the people.

With that being said our democracy is being threaten by republicans because the voice of the people(us) just doesn’t matter.

in the wave of yet another mass shooting, where 19 kids were killed , still nothing has changed. It is still easier to purchase a gun then to purchase a beer. Americans are in fear of their lives , and in fear of there kids not making home safe from school. 88% of Americans want some kind of gun reform. Common sense gun control and still the government does nothing . If America is suppose to be a democracy then how a majority of the people still can’t get congress to do something?

All Americans lives are in danger, because of republican senators that does not want to pass common sense laws, because of their loyalty to the right wing, and because of the influence of the N.R.A and the money that the N.R.A are sponsoring these senators. 

These common sense laws are effective and worked in other countries. Static’s clearly shows that background checks, and band of assault rifles works , but still republicans won’t do nothing. What makes things worst is that these republicans won’t even entertain any kind of change. When asked these republicans either evade the question or just blame  it on everything but guns.

Republican Chris Jacobs was basically chased out of the republic party , because he supported gun reform. The N.R.A has a hold on the Republican Party. If it’s up to these republican senators to correct the issue at hand , then when will it ever be fixed? It will never be fixed, change will never happen because these republicans value guns, money, and the N.R.A over the safety over all Americans. This can no longer go on, these republicans have to be held accountable for their actions and non-actions.

Rep Louie Gohmert: said  if your republican can’t even lie to congress or the F.B.I . Its mind blowing how republicans feel they should be able to lie to congress & The F.B.I , this is a danger to our democracy. This clearly shows that these republicans that are in power feels they can do what ever they want , and care less about a democracy or the government in general. Lies are the basis of there political party platform and that’s why they feel threatened , when they are being held accountable for lying. 

Politico: tapes reveal GOP plan to contest elections. These republicans are blatantly telling the world they are going to do anything in their power to control the polls. This is not what should happens in a country that are lead by democracy principles. 

Nearly 7 in 10 republicans surveyed agree that at least some extent that demographic changes in the United States are deliberately driven by liberal and progressive politicians attempting to gain political power by replacing more conservative white voters. 
SPIC polls shows substantial support for Great replacement theory among republicans . 41% of republicans believe that some form of violence is necessary to protect the country. It’s because of that message and rhetoric that is seeping into the main steam media by republicans like Donald Trump why there was a resurrection in the capital, and why there are mass shooting against black like the one that occurred in buffalo. 
these republicans that are in power are dangerous and is separating the country. These republicans are threatening our democracy and fueling violence. If these people that are in power won’t be removed and replaced with people that going to do their job that reflects the views of the people , then we are going to continue to see the hate, violence, corruption and racism that is dominating America.

This is a democracy so if these politicians don’t want to step down or does what is right and expected by the people then we the people has no choice but to take matters into our own hands. 
we the people has the power , because don’t matter what profession or field we the people gave them their power and we can take it away . The reason why these politicians don’t listen to the people and demands is because these people in power are not being effected by crime , poverty and all the other problems , and also because all these people in power care about is their money and power and we the people are  doing nothing to stop that. With that being said us the people has to stop the flow of money, because thats the only way these politicians will start to listen. 
Donald Trump use these same tactic to fund his wall , when the government wouldn’t pay for it. Donald Trump put a strike on the government which mean that people that has federal jobs wouldn’t get paid, stopping people from getting paid and being able to take care of their family put pressure on the government to do something. 
if presidents want to get their point across to other countries then they place sanctions that will cripple their economy , because at the end of the day the only time people listen or care is when they are effected directly and that’s through their pockets or safety , I’m not promoting no violence but I am promoting for us the people to stop the flow of money. 

If we can get enough of theses celebrities, that has influence over the masses, those that are wealthy and have power to join this movement then we can finally make change and better humanity. 
we try everything to get these politicians to focus on the needs of humanity , except for crippling the economy and stoping he flow of money, and that’s why we continue to deal with the same issues Americans have been facing. We the people power hold the power and it’s about time to show the government just that. Its time to take our democracy back. It’s either NOW OR NEVER.

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Signatures: 50Next Goal: 100
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