“Kashmir ko Azaad karo”

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Time is running out and there is no solution for the conflict between Pakistan and India on Kashmir. Since last 3 or 4 weeks passed Kashmir is in under curfew by Indian army.The innocent people of Kashmir are bearing a lot just for the sake of their freedom. I request you all to please raise voice with me,sign this petition,tell the world that how patriotic and united we are! Kashmiri’s are not fighting their war from since last 72 yrs they are fighting our war, Indian forces kept eye on them. Many were killed them brutally. World Organizations kept silence,can’t really understand why? But as a Pakistani and above all as a Muslim it’s our responsibility to raise our voice to fight for their rights. Kashmiri’s don’t have  Food ,medication,mobile or internet services. Their loved ones don’t know if they are alive or not... Time is showing no impact for betterment. Now it’s a time to bring this issue to the end! Wake up,wake up before it’s too late!!!