Ban Ivory Now!

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The best type of ivory comes from the middle of the elephant’s tusk, where it’s firm and flawless. Poachers try to slaughter the largest elephant -- often the matriarch, leaving her baby elephants to fend for themselves. 
The illegal demand for ivory is the biggest driver of elephant poaching. Despite a global CITES ban on international sales of ivory since 1990, tens of thousands of elephants are killed to meet a growing demand for ivory products in the Far East.

And the craziest thing? While tens of thousands of elephants are being hacked to death that way, Japan is fighting to keep its booming ivory market open ~  saying it has nothing to do with it.

But Japan is hosting the Olympics in 2020, and is hoping to welcome millions more tourists! That's where we come in: many of us live in countries that Japan wants to attract for tourism. If millions of us sign and we launch a global media campaign for an ivory-free Olympics, we can win them over!

Please Sign now, let's together shut down domestic ivory markets in the world for good.