Do we need a large development on an ecologically sensitive site at ECR/OMR link road?

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On 15th March 2020, the govt. of Tamilnadu agreed to hand over 11.5 acres of land on the Kalaignar Karunanidhi Salai, which connects OMR to ECR at the Shollinganallur junction. Given the ecologically sensitive nature of the land on the banks of the Buckingham Canal, which cuts across this road, it is imperative, as public citizens of the city, we raise our concerns and question the need for a project of this scale, at a site as sensitive as this. Refer

The expanding population of this part of the city, coupled with poor infrastructure, a lack of a larger cohesive urban growth strategy and a lack of even basic amenities like piped water, and sewerage connections has already made Shollinganallur a urban planning nightmare. The quality of life for the local population is in a state of constant deterioration.

Also the Buckingham canal is a critical waterway of Tamilnadu, traditionally serving to drain excess rain water from the Pallikarnai Marsh into the bay, and protecting the neighboring regions from flooding. Adding a large scale project like this, in close proximity to the Buckingham Canal, apart from creating serious water and air pollution concerns, adding further traffic to a neighborhood suffering from lack of basic amenities, will seriously undermine the natural water eco-systems, and has the potential to create future climatic disasters for the region at large. We dont know if any serious environmental impact assessment has been carried out before this decision has been taken.

This petition has the support of the Federation of OMR Residents Association (FOMRRA)

The petition aims to urge the authorities to focus on the lack of very basic infrastructure like piped water and sewerage connections to the large residential and commercial developments in the vicinity, rather than allocate lands to such large projects, without public consultation and a thorough environmental impact assessement.  

Pls sign this petition to alert the government on the potential risks this project entails, and prompt them to re-lcoate this to another less sensitive site, as well as to bring the focus back on the lack of basic amenities for the growing population on the OMR.

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