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Change the laws in Massachusetts that say animals are "PROPERTY" and due to that law it makes animal abuse punishable by ONLY A FINE!

We have all heard the story of "Puppy Doe"  AKA "KIYA", she was a "FREE DOG" on craigslist. The murderers that got her, tortured her by stabing her in the eye, ripped her libs apart like ancient torture methods,, fractured her skull, etc....... That is just a few things they did to her! Then they dumped her. She was found but her injuries were to much and she was put to sleep!!! Now we need your help in finding justice for her. The state this happend in, Massachusetts, has no law that really safe gaurds animals. Their law is that ANIMALS ARE PROPERTY, and are treated as such!!! The punishment these sick pos(s) will get if/when caught.......A $2500.00 FINE!!!!!!! THAT IS ALL. So we need to make our voices heard, to the Lawmakers, Governor, and Congress of this state, that we will not accept this kind of law. It MUST be changed, animals ARE NOT PROPERTY!!!!! WE want strict laws implemented against animal abusers, and  for the abusers to face  heavy jail time along with the fine!!!! PLEASE STAND UP WITH US AND HELP MAKE THIS CHANGE FOR PUPPY DOE AKA KIYA!!!! SHE DESERVES JUSTICE!!! 

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  • Massachusetts Lawmakers AND GOVERNOR!!!

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