To make Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo a better, more inclusive campus for everyone

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Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni all want a University to be proud of—President Armstrong is preventing that. He and his administration's insufficient action allow for repeated racially motivated incidents, the most recent one making national news and making an embarrassment out of everyone affiliated with Cal Poly. The campus under his watch is toxic. We demand change for a better, more inclusive campus for all and it starts with him. It's time he's truly held accountable for his inaction.

UPDATE: In a recent interview he defended his actions to not expel the student who wore Blackface as part of a "gangster" costume because it's "free speech." He further refuses to admit that Cal Poly has a racism problem. (

-----------------UNDER HIS ADMINISTRATION-----------------

  • Fees have risen more that 60% (San Luis Obispo Tribune)
  • 1 in 5 students in the CSU are food insecure while 1 in 10 are homeless—yet our administrations are considering a tuition increase for the second year in a row, and despirt approving massive pay increases for campus administrators over the Summer (LA Times, 2017)
  • A CA State Audit report singled out President Armstrong's administration for approving executive pay raises with zero justification—at a time when many employees have not seen raises in years (LA Times, 2017)
  • Our Student Success Fee is the highest in the CSU system at more than $800 annually (Cal State. Fee and Revenue by Campus, 2017)
  • In 2017, Cal Poly was ranked among the 7 worst institutions in the United States (out of more than 600 institutions of higher learning) for Latinx student success (LA Times, 2017)
  • 40% of Black Staff left the university in 2016 alone (New Times SLO. Cal Poly Confronts its Diversity Problem, 2016)
  • 1 in 4 Cal Poly students have seriously considered leaving, with a majority of those cases citing a hostile campus climate among their reasoning (Cal Poly Campus Climate Survey, 2016)
  • The population of Black students on campus dropped under 1% with respect to the whole student population (Cal Poly Office of Diversity and Inclusivity. Cal Poly Demographics, 2014)
  • 100% of our Cross Cultural Centers staff left the university in 2016 alone, citing Cal Poly workplace, campus, and living climates as hostile (Students for Quality Educations & Cal Poly Student Affairs)
  • We have the most White students on campus out of any CA higher public learning institution, despite the fact that 13 other campuses are substantially larger (New Times SLO. Cal Poly confronts Its Diversity Problem, 2016)
  • Tenure-line faculty density has dropped to just 60%—forcing nearly half of Cal Poly's faculty into uncertain, underpaid, and exploitive labor conditions (California Faculty Association, San Luis Obispo)
  • Cal Poly faculty remain one of the whitest, least diverse groups of educators in the state of CA (Cal Poly Factbook, 2014)
  • The University Police Department expanded its operations to include the militarized policing of peaceful student protest, including up to 1 mile off campus (University Police, San Luis Obispo Tribune. Cal Poly, CSU spend $55,400 on security for Yiannopoulos speech, 2017)
  • There is a continued discrepancy and disrespect for the rights of free speech of protestors vs. that of white supremacists, nazis, and/or fascists on campus (Students for Quality Education; Queer Student Union)

Please add your name to this petition to pressure President Armstrong and his administration and show how the Cal Poly community truly feels about his presence on campus.