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Stop the unnecessary killing at Devore Animal Shelter!

Please sign to call for an investigation of the dishonesty that goes on in this shelter due to their discrimination of certain breeds and their timely put to sleep time. There is mishandling of animals and misinformation reported to prospective adopters to discourage adoption. And even if the adopter is still interested, they can pull the dog and PTS. To increase awareness of what is going on inside this animal shelter. There needs to be a reform/investigation of the practices at Devore. Possible removal of the people in charge. Dogs and Cats are killed daily, and not even given a chance to be adopted. This is sickening! This needs to stop, these poor animals deserve a chance.

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  • To: Josie Gonzales
  • Supervisor at Devore
    Doug Smith
  • Supervisor at Devore
    Mrs. Kelly Papp
  • Governor of California
    Gov. Jerry Brown

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