Maintain Ontario’s Endangered Species Act!

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The Ontario PC Government is proposing to gut the Ontario Endangered Species Act.

This move is regressive and dangerous. The world is in a biodiversity crisis, and the Ontario government has proposed to gut one of the most comprehensive endangered species laws in the world. The province is bending to pressure from industry and sprawl developers when they should be working to restore and protect vulnerable habitats.

These changes propose to gut the cornerstones of the law that made species recovery and survival possible. Environmental Defence, Ontario Nature and the David Suzuki Foundation condemn these changes in the strongest possible terms, and call for the Government to reconsider immediately.

We are especially concerned about the proposed changes:

1. Species listed as threatened or endangered may no longer be automatically protected.

2. Introducing pay-to-proceed system on harmful activities. Developers and proponents should not be allowed to pay their way out of protecting endangered species’ habitats.

3. Opening the scientific committee to non-scientist members. This change could allow people with no knowledge or scientific background to be involved in decisions for species.

4. Giving the Minister the discretion to interfere with the listing of at risk species, bringing politics into the protection of endangered species.

Send a message to our provincial government that our wildlife cannot be bought and eliminated by greedy developers!

Please sign and share to protect OUR wildlife and biodiversity!  The extinction of many plant and animal species is at risk, and it’s impact to our future health is unquestionable.