To ensure people with stuttering are portrayed with sensitivity in Indian cinema.

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Movies have a remarkable influence on our society. They influence public opinion, mould societal attitudes and can act as agents of change. It is imperative therefore that we portray stuttering in our movies with accuracy and sensitivity.Even when a character with a stammer is not significant to the storyline movies use them to elicit some cheap laughter. Movies need to break away from this stereotype of portraying people with stuttering in a poor light. 

A person who stutters or lisps is often shown in movies as an introvert or less than intelligent. He is shown to go through humiliation, embarrassment, and frustration every time he speaks. The character is shown to be ostracized from the society. In reality, such a person is as intelligent, social or strong as any other typical person. 

More importantly, a speech therapist can treat these disorders effectively. A similar insensitive portrayal is meted out to voice disorders. A person with a high pitched voice is ridiculed as being effeminate. This voice problem too can easily be set right if voice therapy is provided early on.

Admittedly, we also have directors who have portrayed Stuttering accurately and sensitively, they have demonstrated that movies can be entertaining even while being sensitive and educative. Unfortunately, these are the exceptions rather than the rule.

Our society has to build an acceptance towards people who stutter or have any voice disorders and not look down upon his or her impediments. We, therefore, request you to ensure an accurate portrayal of Stuttering in Indian Cinema and TV serials and to prevent insensitive and inaccurate picturizations.To achieve this we suggest that the censor board reviews the portrayal of characters with Stuttering in movies before the release.