Here's why you need to Consider our issues and do the necessary

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The Academic year of 2020, has been disrupted due to the unprecedented nationwide lockdown to contain the Covid-19,With almost 90% of the Engineering syllabus being covered online and with virtual labs, there is a great deal of apprehension among the students.

For starters lets describe the online classes,
Online classes aren't effective,I guess its true what they say "Being a student isn't easy", you only get to know what its like to be a student only when you are one, not all students live in cities, and let's ask to everyone that wants students to write exams based on these classes,Have you ever faced a network issue while in an online class? or have you ever noticed that out of 40 or 50 students that attend the classes online, one person starts disturbing and the entire class' attention is diverted,The truth is students aren't being able to cope up with online classes and its a truth that everyone are aware of
Let's say these online classes did go well, but is that what we engineering students signed up for? Well we signed up for a campus experience,to learn,play,grow in the "Classroom" Environment, we signed up for a physical classroom experience.

In light of this,We have these following demands:
1.We need an appointment with the Vice-Chancellor of VTU, We will make the necessary setup, all we need is your time to hear us out.
2..All Students in Year 1,2 and 3 should be promoted without an exam if its not possible at least make sure you extend the semester to 2 more months, and provide us 2 Months of Campus experience for this semester 
3. We also demand that colleges should completely waive off the semester's fee. Families across the state have suffered great economic loss. We believe that in this time, the education of our youth should not suffer and hence demand that one semester's fee is waived.