To Disney & Lucasfilm: Give Us Our Money Back for "The Last Jedi" or Fire Your Executives!

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This petition is very simple. We the fans and we the customers want our money back for the inferior product that was, "The Last Jedi". This film was an inferior product that put inferior writing, corporate interests, and political agendas ahead of objective quality. Fans and viewers have sited their reasons time and time again, and the verdict is clear; this movie was terrible.

The goal of this petition is to hold the creators and executives of Disney and Lucasfilm responsible, but also to provide them with an opportunity to make this right. This petition in no way endorses harassment or illegal action of any kind and all who endorse this petition agree to not engage in any such activity. If Disney and Lucasflm will not listen to their customers then we shall vote with our wallets.

This film was created for customers/viewers (SW fans and common movie-goers) and they did not receive a product that was worthy of the Star Wars name or that provided entertainment that was worth the price of admission. It is the millions of legacy fans who built Star Wars into a legacy brand that was worth paying over 4 billion dollars for and in seemingly no time at all, Disney and Lucasfilm manage to jeopardize its continued success. They sought not to reward us for our patience and faith, but to condescend us, pander to us and scold us when we rejected their products. This film has made far less than the previous one and that trend shall continue. The over-exhaustion of the brand leaves stores filled with clearance merchandise that no one wants and their terrible agenda-driven writing leaves people alienated and resentful.

To comment on the behavior of Disney and Lucasfilm regarding the criticism from their fans, what has been said about us is unacceptable and untrue. Their corporate leadership and directors have claimed that it is not the quality of their film that led to its financial blunders, but that their customers are racist, sexist and bigoted for not enjoying their film. This is pure nonsense and metrics within their consumer base have already proven this wrong. There never was a diversity “problem” in Star Wars. The fans do not care about race or gender, but rather value quality stories and interesting characterization. Previous female and minority Star Wars characters had both. The fans have shown that they can look past race and gender, but Disney and Lucasfilm have shown that they cannot. We are not bad people because we don’t like their products, but they are indeed bad companies because they ignore and condemn their customers.

The bottom line is that they should not be rewarded for an inferior product. We the fans who made Star Wars a legacy brand demand our money back in the form of a full refund for the cost of our movie ticket(s). We demand this not from the theaters as they did nothing wrong, but rather from the ones who created this mess in the first place. Disney and Lucasfilm are to provide those who demand a refund with a valid address to mail our movie ticket as proof of purchase and they will then mail each customer a check for a full refund of the ticket cost. A digital option may also be used where customers may email their ticket and receive an electronic refund.

It is understandable that mass refunds will cost Disney and Lucasfilm hundreds of millions of dollars. As an alternative, it would be both acceptable and warranted to terminate the current leadership of Lucasfilm and to remove all previous Star Wars film directors (from the current series) from any and all future Star Wars projects. They are ultimately accountable for these failures and actions. It is morally acceptable to fire people who disrespect customers, steer their staff towards disaster and fail to deliver a quality product. This option would cost far less and is, therefore, the better option. Not only are there far more qualified creators who could fill those seats, but this would also serve to inspire future creators to remember that objective quality and their audience must come before everything else. Walt Disney himself would likely agree.

Should Disney and Lucasfilm honor these demands, then we will look to the future of Star Wars with optimism knowing that Disney and Lucasfilm care about their customers. Should Disney refuse, then every person who signs this petition agrees to boycott any and all future Star Wars films, TV shows, merchandise and theme parks until these matters are resolved.

- The People Who Made You Rich

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