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To Create Harsher Penalties for Hit and Runs! In Honor of Karen Benjamin

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THOMAS COSTA'S PLEA DEAL WAS REVOKED. We will be going into trial. We are hoping to get a higher sentence.



Karen Benjamin was a mother. She had a family. She had friends. She was very active. On Sunday, June 23, 2013 she was doing her daily run through her Long Island neighborhood. A man hit her with his car at 11 a.m. and fled the scene. He didn't stop at the any of the stop signs, and just continued on like nothing happened. He told his parents after he parked the bloody, damaged car in their backyard, that it got vandalized at a nightclub the night before. His parents claimed to have believed him.


Thomas Costa caused my mother to be thrown 15 feet into the air, and land very harshly on someone's front lawn, causing her to be in a coma for three and half weeks. She had broken legs, broken arms, broken face, broken ribs, compromised lungs, fixed eyes, and a brain that couldn't survive through the injuries that he had caused. Karen Benjamin's life was taken the day she was hit. As she was an athlete, her heart kept beating and fighting. Sadly, on July 17th, she couldn't continue, the injuries were just too severe. 


Thomas Costa was only charged with fleeing the scene of a crime!  We want to petition to change that. We want to keep Thomas Costa in Jail for Vehicular Manslaughter without bargaining for a plea deal. No Bail. Nothing. We want to keep a man like Thomas Costa off the streets. We want to keep Thomas Costa in jail, in hopes that he will get the harshest penalty allowed by law. 


Thomas Costa already has priors related to burglary and drug possession. Parts of his car were left at the scene, with Karen Benjamin's DNA. He left no skid marks on the road. He hit her, and saw what he did and just continued on. Thomas Costa posted photos of himself and his mom on his Facebook two days after he hit mine.

If we can find a way to keep this man off the streets, for the maximum prison sentence, many people will feel safe and less people may get hurt.

We are all well aware that the laws relating to hit and runs are not fair at all. 

Karen Benjamin was killed and so were many others because of hit and runs.  The victims and their families did not receive justice due to the current laws.

The maximum sentence that Thomas Costa could get would be 2-7 years. That is not enough and not fair. He ran someone over, and she died. He is already a bad seed, he should pay for his consequences. Thomas Costa should not be let free. He should live with what he did, and not get out of jail, with no parole exception, no bail.

Thomas Costa was violating his parole by driving his dad's car. 

He violated his parole by driving, and then he hit someone. 

We need to keep this man off the streets and in a jail cell.

Please, please sign this petition to help keep Thomas Costa in jail and off the streets. 

Please sign this petition to help create stricter laws related to hit and runs, and to keep low life's of the street. 

Please sign this petition so Thomas Costa gets no plea deal, no parole. Nothing 

Please sign this petition for Karen Benjamin's family to get some peace and justice. 

 Please sign this petition to help us send to Political parties, and  to the police department to see if we can get stricter punishments.

Please sign this petition to help to create harsher penalities!

Please sign this petition to give other families the justice they deserve!

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