To create an innovation and collective club for 15-29 year olds in our community.

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They say that we have a voice. They say we matter and that they care about our opinions. They say all of this yet here we are filling up every coffee shop and library, struggling to find a place to study. Spending money, that we could be saving for the future just for a place to belong. We feel useless and like we are not important. That is not okay. WE ARE IMPORTANT. OUR VOICES MATTER.

Together let’s take a stand and initiate change in our community and create a hub just for youth. Let us work together and have the opportunity to go to a location where we can talk, study, work on projects, practice our goals and initiate networking. A place for innovation and creativity, where youth could display their art for free, have open mic-nights and play music. As the youth in Brampton, we all feel neglected and have an exceptional opportunity to finally create change.

Sign the petition to create a free youth hub in Brampton sponsored by the city, to have a chance at togetherness and feel a sense of belonging. Brampton has so much potential, and together we can shine a light on our extensive multiculturalism. You have a voice and you can sign the petition because youth are the future. YOU ARE THE FUTURE. Ask all Eligible Voters that you know to support all the MP's, MPP's, Councillors and Mayoral Candidates that will help us revoke the stigma against youth not being wise enough.

Once we are able to land 500 signatures, we can send a survey to our municipal election candidates and encourage them to support our cause. After our survey, we can look at the results and support those who support us. This is our chance, so sign the petition and encourage your peers, family, and friends as well. Let us show the world the power of youth. Let’s prove that we are capable.

Petition started by: Rana Sherin, Filice Nikolas, Ghosi Mostafa, Aurora Anoushka, Garg Shivangi.