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To change dog protection laws across America to recognize them as living beings

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Dogs Are Not Toasters - sounds silly and obvious, but in the eyes of the law, there is almost no distinction between the two.

Almost all state legislation value our dogs as property, leaving them without adequate legal protection. Our courts have gone so far as to acknowledge that dogs do not fit neatly within the current law, but no proactive change in legislation has been made.

DANT’s mission is to spread awareness of this outdated legislation and to lead our country in seeing through that a change is made.

It's estimated that 80 million dogs are owned in the United States. Approximately 47% of all households in the United States have a dog. Many of these owners would consider their
dog to be a member of the family, under the law they are considered personal property. If something happens to a furry family member, the family will only be compensated with the replacement value of their dog. This disregard for the emotional loss can only worsen the grief, and in no way compensate for the void left by losing a loved one.

Giving dogs a life in the eye of the law would open the possibility to more adequate protection and compensation in the case that something does happen to your dog.

A large part of being human is our obligation to contribute some service to society in order to live in it. Comparatively, dogs may not be required to perform some service, but there are countless dogs that do outstanding things for our society. Studies even suggest that dogs need a job, even if it’s carrying a backpack on a walk or fetching a ball. It helps boost their self-esteem to feel like they’re contributing to their pack, their society. Here are just a few types of dogs that provide to our community: police, guard, herding, search and rescue, military, and service dogs.

Shouldn’t these dogs reap the rewards for their contributions to society?

If you feel that man’s best friend deserves more recognition and rights in the eyes of our country, we must petition our government for change, sign our petition and donate to our cause. Each signature and penny means another step closer to achieving our mission.


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