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We will go together with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, by forwarding our concerns about the millions of funds allocated from the EUROPEAN UNION to continuing to maintain and perpetrate as despicable practice such as BULLFIGHTING.

We believe that these cruel and unjust traditions must be abolished in the XXI century, that subject animals to such martyrdom and humiliation.

Is expected to be taken into account our request; we will by all means available to us to fight for our BULLS -

All together we can get governments to stop funding trough public funds-WITH EVERYONE’S MONEY - shows based in cruel torture and death of animals!

Letter to
CDU party office in Germany To Chancellor Angela Merkel
Press office spokesman Eva Wüllner (Press office spokesman)
November, 2012

Distinguished Chancellor Angela Merkel:

With this short report I want to convey in my name and that of thousands of Spanish the deep unease we feel at the increased funding and promotion of bullfighting by the Spanish Government.

As you know this atrocious and cruel practice is widespread throughout the country as from official authorities do not stop promoting it and subsidize it, especially over the last twenty years. This show manipulatively considered "party", "culture", even "art", pretending identify as a symbol of Spanish, not shared by the majority of the Spanish population, only a minority is fond of this murderous activity that takes out calves, bulls, heifers or bulls.

(See section R3 2nd link. Persons who have attended in the past year to other cultural activities related to leisure, p. 29).

Annually are for breeding these cattle exclusively for this activity billion from EU funds.

For lack of space, please read the rest of the letter at this link,

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