Justice For Michael Gabriel

Justice For Michael Gabriel

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Started by Eliana Rivera

This is our cousin. Michale Gabriel Guy. Say his name.

He was 18 years old and was barely starting his own life. Monsters took that life from him for simply standing in line at a gas station. They shot Michael three times.

These two boys killed our cousin. Both of his killers got released on bond as he awaits his trial. How is this fair when Michael never got to come home? When our family has to live with never getting to see him again?

Instead of thinking of bringing peace to our family, the judge decided to set a bail so low, that a killer is out on the streets. This terrifies us and it should terrify you as well, that a judge would even consider releasing a murderer before his trial. Who is to say he will not harm more innocents?

Michael was the quiet kid in class, he was the one who would text you just to see how you were doing. Michael was a soft, gentle soul. An innocent in the face of adversity. He was a son, a brother, a cousin, a nephew and an uncle. He was attached to his mom at every family function. And now his mother doesn’t even get a chance to see him again. Michael was encompassed by his family and we continue to cherish him.

Please aid us in our fight to give justice to our angel who was taken too soon. In an effort to prosecute his killers to the fullest extent of the law we are asking for any help you may give us. Our goal is to keep these monsters behind bars so they can never hurt anyone else and potentially put another family through this pain we are experiencing. #JusticeForMichaelGabriel

454 have signed. Let’s get to 500!