To ban naturist events where children are involved.

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It has come to the attention of the public that sandcastle water park in Blackpool, has allowed an event to be taken place at their venue for the past 10 years, with another one due this weekend! This event involves a naturist organisation to bring their whole families to a 'naked swim'. This involves children! I truly beleive this is a massive safeguarding issue, children being naked around adults neither their parents or themselves know! They are at risk of being subject to abuse by sex offenders who may slip in the organisation unnoticed! There is even an article regarding one of the previous members who helped run it admitting to sex offences! It may be a private event but children should be protected no matter what and should not be allowed at such events! The solution to this would be either to make it an 18s and over only event or to not allow the event to happen full stop. 

I have absolutely nothing against naturists and their lifestyle choice except when it comes to the safety of children.


I have since found out a numerous amount of events with the children! This has now turned into a campaign to stop ALL events having children present.