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Keep intact wolf-dog-family together and return to rightful owner

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This is one intact educational and research pack who has been bonded together, and extremely well-cared-for in both wilderness areas and fenced locations across six years of growing and learning together.  We feed a diversity of raw, cooked and dry food to the pack, Organic whenever possible. GRR Inc. began by responding to the call of one mother endangered Red Wolf whose request was for her puppies to stay with her and to have her pack intact. This pack has come from the research intent to discover the impact and details of “what is a pack?” And why are packs disallowed in our modern world?

This pack and their human caretaker has spent the last six years developing an educational project called “The Kindness to Wolf project,” and more recently working with local business planners on an adventure business called “The Mackenzie Dogsled Company.”

This pack, belonging to GRR Inc. is the center point of ongoing important 501.c3 work in non-invasive alternatives to invasive surgical birth control and invasive health protocols that are too harsh for these animals’ preference. Alternatives are available and we are currently researching homeopathic and non invasive methods.

GRR Inc and The Kuna Institute host important DNA work based on this packs outstanding immune function. This pack is also the center of a feature film and story about pack dynamics and the plight of these animals in today’s modern world. The film has already begun. The pack has been the center of a long time b n b where people visit Lomi and Blue Jesus and observe an intact pack, as well as having begun training together to serve as an educational model for wolf-like animals to be able to both live in their intact pack and serve human needs. To separate this pack or to cage them forever in a zoo would be deeply abusive and traumatic for every member used to being bonded with their original natural family of origin, and their bonded human caretakers. We request the return of Lomi and her family to their beloved family and caretaker.