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Ban the use of poisons and traps for 'pest species'.

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All over the world, everyday, beautiful and innocent creatures are being poisoned, trapped and coaxed into an excruciating death, only because they are unfortunate enough to be considered a 'pest species' by humans.

Poisoning causes a long, painful death which can take up to 1-3 weeks for the victim to die, and they will die from internal bleeding, which turns their insides into a soup. Trapping can cause tremendously painful injuries for the creature if it is not instantly killed, and many traps are not checked for days or weeks at a time.

There are cruelty-free options for deterring 'pest-species' from human-inhabited areas, which are already being implemented and used successfully in homes, supermarkets, breweries, farms, nursing homes and correctional centres just to name a few. Despite some councils already having knowledge of these effective and kinder alternatives, the old and cruel method of poisoning and trapping still remains. These options are also far more cost-effective in the long run, preventing the need for professional call-outs and the constant re-purchasing of poisons.

Furthermore, poisoning reaches far more animals than those it is intended for - having a fatal flow-on effect to a huge amount of wildlife and even household pets and children. Each year wildlife carers and vet surgeries are inundated with native wild animals that are effected by poisoning and trapping. By the time they are found, most will need to be euthanized.

We ask all people, businesses, councils and governments worldwide to immediately implement cruelty-free pest control alternatives, and to cease the excruciating suffering that poisoning and trapping has inflicted on millions of innocent creatures all over the planet for far too long.


The following are examples of cruelty-free alternatives:


Birds, wasps, cats, rodents:

AUSTRALIA (And the rest of the world)

Rats, Mice and Cockroaches:
Snakes, Possums, Birds, Dogs and Cats:
Foxes and Cats:


Here are some more interesting websites with useful information:

Rat Help.Org - 'Wild Rats" (information to combat many common misconceptions about rodents)

"How to Deal With Rats and Mice In Your House":

"What Is The Danger To Owls From Rat Poisoning?"

"Hedgehogs Exposed To Rat Poison"


There are many more effective and alternative cruelty-free options and products out there, please feel free to email us if you want to add some to the list:

Please help to spread the word about these alternatives by signing and circulating this petition amongst friends and family and on social networking sites.

Even if our councils and governments won't change their actions instantly, we the people can. Sharing this information with each other can help to support those who choose to live more thoughtfully and compassionately towards the amazing and beautiful beings with whom we share this planet.


Please join our group on facebook: "People Against Poison"!/pages/People-against-poison/228715930577179

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