Protect privacy of Tehelka journalist

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Protect privacy of Tehelka journalist

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This is in continuation of the original petition with nearly 200 signatures

Some websites and blogs are posting the Tehelka journalist's complaint to the magazine's management or reproducing parts of it, perhaps with intent to expose a grave act of sexual assault by a man occupying a powerful position. However, in doing so, they are violating basic ethical and legal injunctions on the way cases of sexual assault must be reported. It is also illegal as detailed in Section 228A of the Indian Penal Code.

The journalist’s complaint to her company is a private document and not a public one. While private documents can be leaked in the 'public interest', this principle is applicable to the emails of Tarun Tejpal and Shoma Chaudhury sent to Tehelka staffers, not to the journalist’s emailed complaint. In cases of sexual assault, it is a well established principle that the media can name the perpetrator, but not the victim. The identity and privacy of a victim must be protected at all costs.

We are distressed that many people are circulating the journalist’s emails, and other journalists, bloggers and users of social media are publishing it in parts or whole.

Some have argued that the leaked email has exposed the gravity of the assault, which justifies it coming into the public domain. While we are determined to report violence against women, we also believe in doing it sensitively. It is possible to report and comment on sexual crimes without providing explicit accounts that cause additional distress to the victim. While we stand behind the journalist in her courageous fight, let her choose how she wants her experience reported in public.

In the past week, the journalist has, through her friends, requested several times that her privacy and dignity be protected and that her personal email not be shared. Please remember that the woman's private email may be used only with her written consent.

We request all users of social and mainstream media to refrain from infringing on a woman's privacy. We request those who have posted such content to remove it immediately and stay within the confines of the law. Let us be sensitive as we extend support to the journalist.

Signed (CLOSED),

  1. Shaheen Ahmed, research scholar, New Delhi
  2. Sameera Khan, journalist, Mumbai
  3. Supriya Sharma, journalist, Mumbai/Raipur
  4. Rohini Mohan, journalist, Bangalore
  5. Chinki Sinha, journalist, New Delhi
  6. Shazia Nigar, journalist, New Delhi
  7. Neha Dixit, journalist, New Delhi
  8. Supriya Nair, journalist, New Delhi
  9. Tusha Mittal, journalist, Kolkata
  10. Shriya Mohan, journalist, Kolkata
  11. Sohini Chattopadhyay, journalist, New Delhi
  12. Trisha Gupta, journalist, New Delhi
  13. Raghu Karnad, journalist, Bangalore
  14. Arindam Banerjee, Prime Minister’s Rural Dev Fellow, Midnapore
  15. Anand Vijayasimha, creative writer/musician, Bangalore
  16. Vinay Aravind, photographer, Chennai
  17. Shone SB, journalist, Delhi
  18. Anand Sankar, Photojournalist, Dehradun
  19. Sonal Shah, journalist, New Delhi
  20. Raheel Khursheed, Director Communications, India,
  21. Tracy Shilshi, Journalist, New Delhi
  22. Clement Hnunpuia, Graphic Designer, New Delhi
  23. Subasri Krishnan, Film-maker, New Delhi
  24. Anjali Doshi, Journalist, Mumbai
  25. Ayeshea Perera, Journalist, Mumbai
  26. Niranjani Iyer, New Delhi
  27. Javed Iqbal, journalist, Mumbai
  28. gurpreet tathgur,mumbai
  29. Seemi Pasha, journalist,  New Delhi
  30. Aditi Saxton, journalist, New Delhi
  31. Adnan Farooqui, Academic, New Delh
  32. Cyril Sam, Journalist, New Delhi
  33. Jency Jacob, Journalist, Mumbai
  34. Rohit De, academic, New Delhi
  35. Pradeep Nayak, Advocate, Bangalore
  36. Atul Chaurasia, Journalist, N Delhi
  37. Subha Wijesiriwardena, theatre-artist/writer, Sri Lanka
  38. Raj Imran, Consulting research, Mumbai
  39. Subir Ghosh, journalist, Bangalore
  40. Harsha Vadlamani, Photojournalist, Hyderabad
  41. Sushmit Sarkar, Journalist, New Delhi
  42. Laxmi Murthy, Journalist, Bangalore
  43. Pracheta Sharma, Video Journalist, New Delhi
  44. Andrea Fernandes, Mumbai
  45. DVL Padma Priya, freelance journalist, Hyderabad
  46. Poulomi Basu, Photojournalist, London and New Delhi
  47. Anumeha Yadav, Journalist, Jharkhand
  48. Sulakshana Nandi, social activist, Chhattisgarh
  49. Sejal Mehta, Journalist, Mumbai
  50. Pracheta Sharma, Journalist, Mumbai
  51. M Rajshekhar, Journalist, New Delhi
  52. Sreenivasan Jain, Journalist, New Delhi
  53. Sarika Jain, academic, Chandigarh
  54. Praveen S, Filmmaker, Bangalore
  55. Aniket Alam, executive editor, economic and political weekly
  56. Serena Peck, New Delhi
  57. Sudhanshu Malhotra, Photo Editor, Greenpeace, India
  58. Ammu Joseph, Independent Journalist, Bangalore
  59. Aaron Pereira, Journalist, Mumbai
  60. Sayantan Bera, Journalist, Kolkata
  61. Snigdha Poonam, Delhi
  62. Antoine Lewis, Journalist, Mumbai
  63. Padmalatha Ravi, Independent Journalist and Documentary filmmaker.
  64. Rupa Chinai, independent journalist, Mumbai.
  65. Sridevi Sarma, Consulting - Research, Chennai
  66. Sunainaa Chadha, Journalist, Mumbai
  67. Shikha Malaviya, Poet & writer
  68. B.R.P. Bhaskar,Thiruvananthapuram
  69. Swarna Rajagopalan, Chennai
  70. Prayaag Akbar, Journalist, Mumbai
  71. Satarupa Sen Bhattacharya, Associate Editor, Oorvani Media, Bangalore
  72. Meena Menon Journalist
  73. Nazir Ahamed, The Hindu, Chennai
  74. Anil Mishra Journalist Raipur
  75. Anju Narayanan, London
  76. Dave Besseling, Features Editor, GQ India, Bombay.
  77. Nithila Kanagasabai, Chennai
  78. Annalisa Merelli, writer, New York
  79. Bonojit Hussain, Activist and Researcher, New Delhi
  80. Manjula Narayan, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  81. Shivam Vij, Delhi
  82. Indulekha Aravind, journalist, Bangalore
  83. Amirtharaj Stephen, Photographer, Bangalore
  84. Sharda Ugra, journalist, Delhi
  85. Geeta Seshu, Journalist, Mumbai
  86. Girish NIkam, Journalist, Delhi
  87. M J Pandey, Journalist, Mumbai
  88. Rashmi Drolia, Journalist, Raipur
  89. Poorva Rajaram, Journalist, Bangalore
  90. Amit Kumar, Journalist, Delhi
  91. Sukumar Muralidharan, Journalist, Delhi
  92. Jyotsna Singh, journalist, Delhi
  93. Nida Ansari, social worker, New Delhi
  94. Amrapali Basumatary, academic, New Delhi
  95. Soibam Haripriya, Research Scholar, New Delhi
  96. Subhadeepta Ray, Research Scholar, New Delhi
  97. Apoorva Gautam, Research Scholar, New Delhi
  98. KumKum Dasgupta, Journalist, Hindustan Times, Delhi  
  99. Padmaparna Ghosh, Journalist, New Delhi
  100. Isha Manchanda, Writer, New Delhi
  101. Shilpa Ranade, architect, Mumbai
  102. Prakash Venkatesan, Researcher
  103. C Vanaja, journalist and film maker, hyderabad
  104. Sania Hashmi, Film-maker, Delhi
  105. Sanam Husain ,Engineer,Delhi
  106. Aditi Jha, Researcher, Delhi
  107. Kalpana Sharma, Journalist, Mumbai
  108. Nilim Dutta, Executive Director, Strategic Research & Analysis Organisation, New Delhi/Guwahati
  109. Debanjan Bose, Journalist, Pune
  110. Anoo Bhuyan, NPR, Delhi
  111. Sarah Hashmi, Actor, Mumbai
  112. Moggallan Bharti, Asst. Professor, Delhi University, Delhi
  113. Manoj Mitta, Jounalist, New Delhi
  114. Balaji Kannan, Researcher, USA
  115. Anjali Mody, Journalist, New Delhi
  116. Tulika Rungta, Advertising professional, Kolkata
  117. Amitava Kumar, Writer and journalist, New York
  118. Kavita Krishnan, AIPWA
  119. Aijaz Nazir, Journalist, Jammu and Kashmir
  120. Geetha Nambisan, feminist, management professional
  121. Abhishek kaushik, TOI Raipur
  122. Bijoyeta Das
  123. Joydeep Gupta, Journalist, New Delhi
  124. Nivriti Butalia, Dubai
  125. Ruchira Hoon, Islamabad
  126. Mohan Kumawat, Film Maker, Delhi.
  127. Kannan V, Kozhikode
  128. Chhandak Pradhan, Journalist/Photographer, Calcutta
  129. Vidyut, Blogger at Virar, Maharashtra.
  130. Nelson Vinod Moses, Editor, SocialStory
  131. Zara Khan, Journalist, The Hindu, Chennai
  132. Srinivas Aditya Mopidevi, Writer and Researcher, Delhi
  133. Venkat Ananth, Freelance Journalist, Mumbai/Delhi
  134. Abhijit Phatak, Pune
  135. Nandini Nair, journalist, Delhi
  136. Pragya Tiwari, Mumbai/Delhi
  137. Adnan Abidi,
  138. Shivi Bhalla
  139. Angarika Guha, Student, Delhi
  140. kala ramnathan  Mumbai
  141. Mahananda Bohidar, Journalist, Chennai
  142. Nikhil Varma, Journalist, Bangalore
  143. Sonal Dhama, Designer, New Delhi
  144. Dipanwita Das, Communications Strategist, Washington DC
  145. KR Guruprasad, journalist, Mumbai
  146. Bipin Aspatwar, Lawyer, New Delhi
  147. Ravinder Kaur, Academic, New Delhi
  148. Rohan Kathpalia, journalist, New Delhi
  149. Simran Bhalla, academic, New Delhi/Chicago
  150. Meghna Chandra, student, New Delhi
  151. Savitha V, Singapore
  152. Rohini Mathew, Mumbai
  153. Sharmila Joshi, Journalist, Mumbai
  154. Arushi Singh,  Research Scholar, New Delhi
  155. Virginia Saldnaha, Mumbai
  156. Nikhil Kumar, PR professional, New Delhi
  157. Dilip D’Souza, Bombay
  158. Saba Azad, Musician, Mumbai
  159. Baba Umar, Journalist, Kashmir/ Qatar
  160. Ashwini Mishra, Musician, Bombay
  161. Mandakini Malla, TV Producer, New Delhi
  162. Priyanka Bhattacharya Dutt, Journalist, Dubai
  163. Putul Gupta, Research Associate, Delhi
  164. Natasha Kaushal, Writer, Delhi
  165. Eklavya Gupte, Journalist, London/Mumbai
  166. Anuj Sharma, Bangalore
  167. Lubna Kably, Journalist, Mumbai
  168. Anirban Dutta, Film maker, delhi
  169. Amit Kumar Mishra, Marketing Consultant, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  170. Anthony D’Costa, Journalist, Mumb.
  171. Pallabi Munsi, Journalist, Mumbai
  172. Shubhankar Adhikari, senior copy editor, the Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  173. Ragu Devaraj, Bangalore
  174. Uttam Sengupta, New Delhi
  175. Kavin Malar, Journalist, Chennai
  176. Harish Iyer, Equal Rights Activist, THiNK2013 speaker
  177.  Nigel Britto, law student/journalist, Panjim, Goa
  178. Krishna Prasad, Editor - Outlook, New Delhi
  179. Shilpa Phadke, Academic, Mumbai
  180. Mohini Freya Dutta, Narrative Strategist
  181. Aayush Soni, Journalist, New Delhi
  182. Vani Doraisamy, Journalist, Indian Express, New York
  183. Vidura Jang Bahadur, Photographer
  184. Kunal Majumder, Journalist, New Delhi

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This petition had 409 supporters

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