Say No to the Mow! Let Nature thrive, reduce cutting of verges and grass in open spaces.

Say No to the Mow! Let Nature thrive, reduce cutting of verges and grass in open spaces.

12 April 2020
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Bristol City Council and all other authorities
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Why this petition matters

Started by martyn cordey

Even in these unprecedented times, it appears that the mowers and strimmers are still out in force. This is happening in parks, open spaces, cemeteries and by the roadside.

We ask that this practice be urgently reviewed to:

  • Allow Nature the opportunity to thrive
  • Save council resources
  • Create a healthier environment for all in the long term

Whenever there is an outcry following the mowing of a lovely green space, brimming with wildflowers, flowering grasses, etc, some of the reasons frequently given include:

‘If we don’t mow the space, it will quickly become uncontrollable scrub land’

‘If the grass gets too high, we won’t be able to cut it’

‘People complain that it looks untidy and neglected’

‘People need the space because there isn’t enough’

Let’s try to address these sorts of ‘reasons’ with solutions that would benefit nature and also public funds. Naturally, each green space may be habitat-specific with a need for some kind of management, and there is also the need to maintain visibility at roadside junctions……but is this relentless pursuit in keeping so many entire green spaces mown to a couple of millimetres really necessary?

There is no agenda to completely re-wild all green spaces, verges, parks and cemeteries; it is more a case of achieving the correct balance to enable nature to thrive, while still allowing humans enough space.

There are lots of conversations to be had, such as mosaic cutting and rotational cutting, ecological emergencies and insect decline, enabling butterflies and other invertebrates to complete their life cycle…… so let’s begin some conversations with the authorities by asking 'Why are you mowing this particular space? Why does the whole space have to be reduced to a couple of millimetres?' 

Nature is constantly being suppressed by man's need to keep everything tidy. The current situation offers the opportunity to let nature have some more freedom wherever it is practicable and where there would be no threat to man's co-existence. There would still be ample space for humans to exercise and enjoy recreation.

Please sign this petition to let Bristol City Council, and all other authorities, know that we want to make a stand for Nature!

Say No to the Mow!


Support now
Signatures: 2,979Next Goal: 5,000
Support now