Renew "The Librarians" for a second season

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Even though it premiered in December, TNT's The Librarians was well-received enough to make it the best cable premiere of 2014. I consider myself among its many fans for many reasons.

1. Quirky-cool characters: Almost everyone is their own distinct kind of nerdy but their various weirdnesses work together in a kind of cool synergy. Despite being nerdy, they are nonetheless very relatable characters (especially Cassandra (at least for me), whose neuroatypicality and potential queerness provide a representation combination TV desperately needs).

2. Interesting world/awesome job showed: I have always been a believer in magic and therefore really like the idea of a world where (once magic was released) magic runs wild and there's all sorts of artifacts floating around that can do things like sic fairy tales onto the real world. As well as said belief in magic, I am also a humanities nerd with a strong yearning to save the world which means being a Librarian would be an amazing job for me and every week I've been watching those episodes, just hoping that one day that little white envelope would come for me. Until then, I'll just watch this awesome team.

3. Good writing: It's not just the world these stories take place in that's awesome, its the stories themselves and the way they are written that contribute to the overall unique amazingness of this show. They're witty, cheesy (but with enough darkness and drama to not be campy) and yet somehow manage to tug at the heartstrings (e.g. the Christmas special). Also, the mystery of every episode calls back to mythology or fairy tales (or at least has so far), thus either providing a history/culture lesson or bringing back people's childhood memories.

4. Filmed in my metaphorical backyard: I know this kind of sounds like a stupid selfish reason for wanting the show to stick around but it's not only set in Portland primarily, but actually filmed in Oregon and I can recognize several landmarks from my hometown in a few episodes (though they are "supposed to be" other places). This is important because not only does its Oregon filming provide an economic/visibility boost for an area that doesn't often get that kind of thing, but it allows Oregonians like me to believe for even a second that this world they show is real and there's magic on their proverbial doorstep and a team of badass mystery detectives/secret guardians within protecting distance of them and their family.

And the main reason why it should be renewed (other than the reasons I stated above) is the fact that there is so much more they could cover without getting tiresome than could be covered in 10 episodes. From threads that need to be resolved properly (as in not rushed into a few episodes' time) like Dulaque's identity/history with Jenkins, Cassandra's apparent magic and Ezekiel's apparent immunity to most magic to threads that should be brought up properly like Ezekiel's backstory (besides just being a thief), Lamia's backstory/why she joined the Serpent Brotherhood, and Cassandra's backstory (though a bit has been revealed) to all the new kinds of mysteries they could investigate/artifacts they could find (like an idea I had for a future episode's Mystery-Of-The-Week is the team finding out the hard way that a famous urban legend is not only true, but linked to something far more powerful)

In short, as Flynn does his best to save the Library on the show, so should we try our best to save its Annex in our universe (I call the show that because it's our entry into the world of the Library and the way we can uncover its secrets though the Library is inaccessible to us just like how the Portland Annex on the show can access all the information in the Library proper).

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