Renew The Librarians for a 5th (and longer) season

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If you're like me, you love TNT's smash hit The Librarians but you probably also noticed that they've aired a couple of doubled-up episodes this season and I heard a rumor that that might mean they might be thinking about canceling the show. Well, regardless of whether that rumor is true, I figured better to be safe than sorry so here's 5 reasons why it should have a fifth season

1. It's optimistic: Due in part probably to the massive success of stuff like Game Of Thrones, it seems like everybody and their brother (even in previously optimistic franchises like the DCU and Star Trek) is deciding to go dark and edgy and, well, this Tumblr post says it best

writers: how are we gonna top ourselves! we got tons of exciting stuff in store!! at least eleven big bads this season!!!! whos gonna survive who won’t????!! 3 love triangles and 2 quadrangles!!!! 

me: I’ll Pay You 5$ To Let The Characters Just Simply Talk To Each Other For Once

While I admit The Librarians might somewhat be guilty of as much of that as can fit in a ten-episode season (and I respect what of that wasn't just done for shock value because it all had its narrative purpose), I still want the kind of show where Big Bads can be defeated by singing or the literal power of friendship and it still be a show meant for adults or that can have lines like "Please don't fangirl over the archvillain". It's a welcome breath of fresh air and deserves to stay that way

2. It's diverse: Some people might see this as a bit of a millennial snowflake reason but I think representation really matters and this show has that in spades. Sure, it only has one series regular of color but representation is about more than race for it also has a canonically neurodivergent queer woman (and if TNT cancels this show because of Cassandra's queerness like I heard rumored, it'd brand them homophobes and completely hurt their brand given the state of internet politics and this show's steadfast fandom) and the first "vaguely-autistic-coded-loner-genius-who-fights-crime-with-a-found-family" I've seen who's a humanities genius instead of yet another genius scientist or cold reader/observer, which, as an autistic art history major (who can therefore relate to two of the main characters on the show if not three), makes me very very happy

3. It's geeky and nerdy: It's often the case that when making a show that's intended to appeal to the intellectually-inclined, the writers kinda bullshit the science and make it quasi-not-accurate-but-sounding-science-y-enough-to-seem-accurate and throw in a bunch of geeky references to stuff like Star Trek to appease the kind of people who'd get offended at the scientific inaccuracy (yes, I am vagueing about what you think I am). However, though we can give it a bit of leeway due to the fantasy nature of the show, The Librarians generally gets the actual science it uses pretty darned accurate. It isn't just nerdy that way though, featuring a lot of neat facts and references (and some things that for all I know are facts and are just being covered up if you know what I mean) relating to everything from history to art to literature to mythology (subjects that shows don't often show as "nerdy"). It does include its fair share of geeky pop culture references (to such things as Star Trek, Doctor Who and Back To The Future) but it does it in a tasteful way

4. It's rather unexpectedly inspirational/powerful: This doesn't just include the various episodes' positive morals (ranging from "true love can transcend time" to "life with no consequences would be absolute crap" to "true friends put each other before their own success" and that's just in season 2) but also it's powerful in how it values intelligence. A lot of kids who'd perhaps otherwise grow up thinking their lack of a magical childhood or ancient prophecy concerning them or whatever means they can't be a hero like they read about would be inspired to perhaps pursue careers in fields similar to the many expertises of the Librarians because theirs is a kind of chosen-one-ness where you don't have to have non-human parents or whatever to potentially be a hero like them, just be super hecka smart

5. It means a lot to me as an Oregonian: Anyone else getting sick of crime shows all seemingly set in either LA or New York City and sitcoms that aren't set there set in some podunk middle America town that might not even exist in the real world? Well, for those that want a breath of fresh air, The Librarians not only offers fantastical flights of fancy but is set all over the world though the team is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Despite the globe-trotting settings, a lot of the show is actually also filmed in Oregon which gives a significant boost (both in tourism/economy stuff and the recognition factor/the feeling that for all we know the show's just plausible deniability for an actual squad of weirdness-hunters on Portlanders' proverbial doorstep) to an area that might not otherwise get it for it's the only Oregon-filmed show I know of that's still on the air since the recent cancellation of Grimm

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