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Let Sonic X have a chance at an uncut release!

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Sonic X (ソニックX) is a Japanese anime created by TMS Entertainment in 2003. When the show was brought to America, it was dubbed by 4kids Entertainment, a company notable for dubbing such anime in the English language as Yu-Gi-Oh, or Pokémon.

Later on, when 4kids licensed and dubbed the show, they heavily edited it; they changed the soundtrack, cut scenes out, and removed character deaths. There were also various minor edits made by TMS themselves, such as the removal of credits, Japanese text, a few songs by Off Course, and some other minor background changes.

It was released in Japanese on Hulu years later in 2010. Now Sonic X was completely uncut on Hulu, other than the removal of Japanese text by TMS. Sadly, as of September 2016, a paid subscription is required to use Hulu. Luckily you can still find it on Anime Planet completely free despite it having advertisements.

Some time passed, and in 2015 Discotek Media licensed the show. They announced a series release of Sonic X, but unfortunately it's only the English dubbed version since TMS Entertainment thought that the dub would sell better than the Japanese version. The guys at Discotek would like to release the original uncut version, but the English dub would need to sell well for the Japanese version to even be considered.

It is for this reason that I have made this whole campaign: so that TMS and Discotek will release the show uncut on DVD, without all of the edits and changes made in the 4kids English dub. There is no reason for TMS to avoid releasing the Japanese version, so why should we have the 4kids English dub, while the Japanese version after over a decade just gets ignored?

Lastly, if Discotek and TMS are reading this, and if possible, I'd like to see the Off Course tracks added back in since they weren't in the Hulu version. Same with the Japanese text that was removed from the Japanese masters TMS gave to 4kids.

If you wanna contact us, I would like you guys to visit our Facebook page for Sonic X Uncut! You can also visit us on Twitter!

One more thing... I highly encourage you guys to buy the dubbed sets. Buying them would be one step closer to reaching our goal!

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