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Angela Deem is the epitome of an abusive partner. Dangling citizenship over the head of her much younger fiance and forcing him to cater to her whims and follow her rules--for example, prohibiting him from working due to her jealousy--she continuously abuses him before the public eye.

Partner abuse is never acceptable. If these behaviors were happening to a woman, there would absolutely be an uproar as they are completely outrageous and harmful. TLC should be ashamed to be broadcasting this at all, let alone without any intervention or acknowledgment of the abuse.

TLC is promoting and giving a platform for financial, emotional, and physical partner abuse by continuing to give Angela airtime. Take Angela off the air immediately and acknowledge the harm and damage she has caused to the psyche and well-being of a young man eager to find love and get to America. A donation to a domestic violence organization or immigrant rights group would be very meaningful as well.