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85% of the world's fur comes from factory farms where animals are kept in inhumane conditions and skinned alive. Companies that buy fur products to sell in their stores keep this industry going. TJX is one of those companies, selling fur boots, purses, vests, fur-trimmed coats and gloves in T.J. Maxx and Marshall's stores. Join us in teling the CEO it's time to go FUR FREE.

Letter to
TJX Corporation
I just signed the following petition addressed to: TJX Corporation.

Dear Ms. Meyrowitz,
I'm writing to ask you to withdraw your support from the cruel and inhumane fur industry by implementing a company-wide policy banning the purchase and sale of fur products by TJX companies.

As a supposed arbiter of cutting-edge fashions, your choice to sell fur proves you to be wildly out of touch with the modern consumer. The anti-fur movement emerged decades ago and only continues to grow stronger as information about the industry and its practices spreads. Your choice to sell these products is offensive, ignorant and disrespectful to your customers and to the environment. Today I send you the memo you seem to have missed: real fur is out of style.

Due to the growing awareness and public disapproval of fur industry practices, many large retailers and fashion magazines have pledged not to sell or showcase fur items. Advertising that fact to the vast majority of consumers who seek out socially and environmentally conscious companies has only served to benefit them. How does it benefit TJX to support the torture and live-skinning of thousands of animals that are killed for nothing other than their fur? Take a moment to examine your choice, and face the pain and suffering that choice enables. Then ask yourself if whatever small financial gain TJX makes from it is worth it.

I hope you will consider my request and seize this opportunity to better align yourself with your customer base - members of a modern society that finds the cruel deaths of thousands of animals completely both disgusting and un-fashionable.


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