End Mink Lashes at Blinkbar


End Mink Lashes at Blinkbar

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Meira Geyser started this petition to CEO Tirzah Shirai

Blinkbar prides itself on selling "cruelty-free" Siberian mink eyelashes. The truth, however, is that by purchasing and selling mink lashes, they support an industry in which animals endure immense fear, stress, disease, parasites, and other physical and psychological hardships. 

There is a reason mink lashes are often advertised as "cruelty-free." People do not want to be funding animal abuse. Blinkbar states that the Siberian mink eyelashes they sell are "cruelty-free," which has lead the public to believe that when they purchase mink eyelashes, they have not hurt animals. Many people who wear mink lashes don’t know what truly happens since companies like Blinkbar do such a good job concealing the cruelty. Instead of covering up what happens to minks for their fur, Blinkbar needs to stop selling mink lashes and backing this abuse.

In the fur industry, minks are confined to tiny, dirty wire cages in highly unsanitary conditions. The reason for that is because it's not possible for minks to be “free-range.” They’re solitary, territorial animals who become hostile when they feel frightened, and they would fight to the death if confined to a small area together. Instead, they are kept isolated in cramped wire cages on fur farms, where they’re denied the opportunity to bathe and burrow or do anything else that’s natural and important to them. They are often denied basic necessities such as food, water, and medical care.

In the wild, minks would travel several miles each day. Being kept in small cages are especially detrimental for them, because mink are not domesticated animals and are instinctively afraid of humans. There is nothing ethical or forgiving about depriving these animals of their physiological needs and denying their natural behaviors.

Animals living in fur farms are tortured and violently killed. They are anally electrocuted, have their necks broken, beat up, and gassed to death. It is also very common for them to be skinned alive. 

Additionally, mink and fur products are not environmentally friendly. Compared to fake fur, it takes 20 times as much energy to process a fur coat. Toxic chemicals are regularly used to preserve and coat the skins, making fur products not biodegradable.

Blinkbar is not only contributing to the abuse of animals but the deterioration of Earth and its precious resources. It is not a smart business plan to continue selling lashes from animals. The fur industry is a dying industry. Blinkbar should get out before there are losses. People are waking up and do not want to support fur products. 

Minks are not fabric. They are living, sentient, thinking, and clever individuals.

Blinkbar can instead choose cruelty-free choices that range from refurbished human lashes to polybutylene terephthalate synthetic fibers. In a world where technology and fabrication have progressed to the point of creating soft and lightweight synthetic strands, no product can justify the mental and physical torture and lifelong confinement we are putting minks through. 

Companies like Ardell Lash & Beauty, MOTD Cosmetics, ELF, and House of Lashes use only animal-free lashes. If all of these other companies can take action to end this extreme cruelty, why can’t Blinkbar do so, as well?

California has just passed a ban on fur trapping, along with several cities banning the sale of fur products- including Los Angeles, West Hollywood, and San Francisco. Considering the statewide ban of fur is almost passed, citizens of California clearly do not support the selling and use of fur.

Despite huge opposition to the fur trade, Blinkbar continues to sell mink lashes.


Tell Blinkbar that they need to stop selling Siberian mink lashes immediately and will not support them until they do so! 

Call them to voice your concern at 323-677-5607 and email info@blinkbar.com


This petition made change with 2,167 supporters!

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