Tired of being a "Lab Rat" for Big Agriculture's toxic pesticides and GMO experiments?

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Let’s take a quick look at what should be obvious, but isn’t. We have companies like Bayer-Monsanto and Dow-Dupont delivering toxic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chlorpyrifos, and glyphosate to farmers who in turn poison us and our ecosystems (including dead zones and algae blooms) with those toxic chemicals.

We also have large proactive groups like Moms Across America, Moms Clean Air Force, Women of Green, Pesticide Action Network, and others that help by lobbying and educating us about toxic chemicals released into our environment causing agriculture, ocean, and air pollution. 

However, no one has offered a tangible and workable solution to this global crisis until now. Your support can help SmartNute grow the next generation of fruits, vegetables, and cannabis while helping to minimize global pesticide poisoning and the algae bloom and dead zone crisis.

Exposure to pesticides through the air, our food, and the environment has proven to be damaging to human health (3X more for children), including cancer. This is crazy! Why did we ever let it get that way?

Most of us love strawberries, right? Well, one acre of normally grown strawberries can be covered with 300 pounds of pesticides -- about 11 times more than the average food crop, which is already overloaded with pesticides.

However, it gets worse. In strawberry crop samples, the USDA found 19 honeybee toxins, 12 developmental toxins (children), 11 neurotoxins (children), and 9 known carcinogens. Let's begin now to build a toxic-free future for our children.

In extensive crop testing, pesticides (including arsenic and glyphosate residues) were proven to poison and change the taste of wines. Pesticides have not only poisoned wine but also organic wine and beer due to wind drift and systemic (root) action.

Glyphosate was the center of attention in the 2018 Bayer-Monsanto Landmark Cancer Trial in San Francisco and attracted worldwide attention. Glyphosate, one of Roundup’s most toxic chemicals (used in 700 different herbicides), was found in 100% of California wines tested. 

Jim Hagedorn, CEO of Scott's Miracle-Gro (they distribute Roundup), flies his private jet 500 miles to his office. You have to wonder what goes through his mind when he revels in the poisoning of our planet and humanity. Maybe that $22 million he made in 2017 helps him look the other way.

Also in 2018, Hawaii banned the use of pesticides containing chlorpyrifos, a widely-used chemical that’s been linked to severe developmental delays and other health risks in children.

Even though the current Administration denied a petition to ban pesticides with this chemical over a year earlier, Hawaii is setting a positive example for all of us to follow and say "NO" to toxic pesticides that poison us on a daily basis. Now, it's your turn to say "NO" to toxic pesticides!