Demand Higher Penalties For Tirecraft Kamloops in the Death of Brendan Stokes

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On June 29th 2018, Brendan Stokes tragically lost his life at the age of 19 in an unexpected work  accident. While on a service call to a business on Dallas dr (Kamloops BC) faulty safety equipment, lack of training and supervision contributed to the loader equipment he was working on to fall and fatally end his life. WorkSafe BC has completed an investigation after two years that states that the jack the machine was sitting on was not in healthy working order, and fellow employees have stated that Brendan was not comfortable completing that job due to lack of training, but was forced to go. Brendan was expected to complete a job after only weeks at Tirecraft and was supervised by an employee that also lacked proper training. 
We as a family and community surrounding Brendan Stokes’ death believe an $8,000 fine is NOT acceptable and there should be stricter, if not criminal penalties. He lost his life much too young and to completely preventable cause. Brendan deserves justice.