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Provide canine behavior assessment training to all officers.


On 9/10/13 this beautiful pit bull mix was shot by law enforcement in Tipton County, TN. She was shot non-fatally in the shoulder in front of her two day old puppies and left in a ditch after animal control was called. She was barely clinging to life when her rescuers discovered her and rushed her to the nearest emergency clinic. She is currently receiving medical care, clinging to life.

Sadly, this is a frequent occurrence in the US. Canine behavior assessment training and proper follow-up for animal related shootings would hold each individual officer accountable for their actions and prevent the senseless murder of hundreds of innocent pets and stray dogs. We respect law enforcement and trust them to care for our friends and family, and wish the same level of care for our pets.

Please help us take a stand and demand that officers receive this vital information the better assist them in their daily duties.

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