Reject the Proposed Tioman Airport

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Tioman is home to 183 species of coral, 233 species of fish and the healthiest coral reefs in Malaysia, On land, you can find mangrove and coastal forests, lowland dipterocarp forests and upper hill cloud forests. The island was gazetted a wildlife reserve in 1972, but of this protected area, only 8000 hectares remain. in 1994 the waters around Tioman was also gazetted as a Marine Park 

The biggest threat to Tioman is coastal development and the rapid growth of reef-related tourism and recreational activities. There is great pressure to develop islands to benefit from the islands natural attractions. This is a conflict between the use of a common space for both preservation of nature and the exploitation of that nature to earn a profit. 

Now there is talk about reviving a decade old plan (which was already rejected due to the environmental impact it would have) to build an airport on reclaimed land that will not only damage coral reefs but will also negatively impact the local economy. the island limited natural resources means it can not sustain crowds much larger then it is already receiving now.  WE NEED YOUR HELP TO BURY THIS PLAN ONCE AND FOR ALL