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Please let Buddy come home

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Here is Buddy (aka Sampson: A21804703, his name registered with Cook County), my foster dog. He has been in quarintine since February 22nd, as a result of an incident at my local vet office during a regular checkup, where he bit two of the vet techs. We are now waiting for his official court date to be given to us. He has been around strangers before many times and has never shown any signs of aggression. I have written statements from every organization that has experienced and handled Buddy, saying that he has posed no obvious threat to anyone that has come into contact with him. I don't want to lose him because of one visit to the vet office. He is part of our family and we will adopt him. We just want him to come home. 

He has already fulfilled his mandatory 10 day quarantine at an animal hospital, however Cook County has put a hold on him forcing him to remain there until his court date, which has not been communicated to us yet. I spent nearly 7 hours with him on March 5th at the hospital just hanging out and being with him so he can have some normalcy back in his life. I have been trying to visit with him as much as possible.

Buddy was originally found chained up in a yard, in the dead of winter, outside and alone. He has frostbite on his elbows and tail and has just had a rough life. Despite all he has been through, he is still happy, polite and listens very well. All he needs is a tennis ball and a few treats and he is happy.  

We love this guy and don't want to lose him. Cook County wants him destroyed. I am willing to accept any restrictions that may be imposed on the condition of his release. I will build whatever fence, post any sign, use a muzzle in public and with all future vet visits. Whatever it takes. I am fighting as hard as I can for him.

Buddy is running out of time and he needs all the help he can get.

Anthony Concialdi

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