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Replace Greg Damianoff - who agreed to allow BARC cats to be used for experimentation

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I have learned that BARC’s director, Greg Damianoff, and Houston’s Animal Shelter Advisory committee, made an agreement to allow Houston Fire Dept personnel to experiment on BARC pets.  Not only do I find this experimentation agreement absolutely heinous, but I believe it violates Houston ordinance and federal animal welfare laws.  

In addition, BARC killed or lost 10,050 animals in 2014 under Greg Damianoff's management.  In other words, BARC Killed 28 pets EVERY SINGLE DAY in 2014 under Greg Damianoff's leadership.

BARC's Save Rate was only 61% in 2014, while hundreds Open Admission facilities and communities across the country are saving 90% to 100% of all animals.  BARC's 61% Save Rate is ludicrous and not what I expect from my city leaders. 

After 5+ years of killing thousands of pets, and this macabre deal to allow experimentation on shelter pets, it is clear that Greg Damianoff is NOT the person who should be running an animal shelter. 

Enough is enough.  I expect a shelter director who is willing to work hard to save all healthy and treatable animals, and I ask that you step up and make that happen. 

BARC can stop killing healthy and treatable pets, but that will ONLY happen with the right of leadership running BARC.

I ask that you hire leadership for BARC who is dedicated to saving all lives, and who is willing to work hard to rigorously implement ALL of the programs and services of the No Kill model of sheltering.  

As you know, this is an election year, and I vote only for politicians who represent my values!

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