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Picture provided by a believed rape victim

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#TIMWESTWOOD - DJ, Presenter, and 'Predator'

It's Fresher's Week 2013 at the University of Leicester and the Student Union is hosting its regular "We <3 R&B" function attracting its usual swarm of mostly teenaged new students. They are ready to enjoy their newfound freedom and eagerly anticipated license to (legally) get a lot tipsy on a Saturday night. The excitement is heightened once hearing that internationally known DJ, Tim Westwood, would be hosting the event. But his set is a bizarre one:

“Security have told me you need to wear a sports bra.”

“Girls keep your pussies tight and clean.”

“Girl in the front row with the black dress on, I will be fucking you later.

He yells this to the crowd who look on bewildered, many appalled. According to The Tab, one Fresher recounted: “Through the whole night he was being very vulgar towards the women in the audience. It was uncomfortable and inappropriate in my opinion to ask which 18 year olds in the audience want to get their “pussy” out and to tell someone that he would be “fucking” her later on in the night. I felt it was practically confrontational.” His next gig at Exeter would then be cancelled along with many universities dissociating themselves from him. Such performances are known for the discomfort he causes. 

But among the black community here in the UK, Timothy William Westwood's criticism goes beyond his choice of words. He is well-known for his (alleged) penchant for preying on young black girls, mainly students, often plying them with strange drinks to then engage in sexual acts with them - dating back to the 90s.

He does this using the access and notoriety he has forged for himself as a hip-hop "icon" and proponent of Black British culture - with all the privilege that his whiteness allows him. The 62 year-old’s DJ persona as ‘a middle-class, middle-aged white man who acts like he’s young, black and straight outta the ‘hood’’ has landed him countless awards, accolades and opportunities - and power.

Westwood, like many (allegedly) predatory men, knows one societal truth: black women and girls are not protected… and our sexual assault claims widely disregarded by authorities. BBC Radio 1 and Capital Xtra have remained silent as the reported abuse occured under their employ. 


Searching Tim Westwood’s name on Twitter, forums and even comments on this petition, you’ll see black women coming forward about their experience with Westwood which happened even as young as 15 or 13– mostly anonymously. Witnesses are thankfully among them. 'I've seen him do it' or 'it happened to my friend', they say. In addition to outright rape and coercion, people have also spoken of claims of strange parties where girls are openly groped by he and his friends; underaged invites to these alcohol-laden parties; backstage obscenities; and seeing Westwood coming out of 1st Yr student's bedrooms. Model Leomie Anderson also spoke of a strange encounter with the DJ in now-deleted tweets. The accusations against him are vast, varied and long-standing.

A 2019 report on violence against women from the MoL Office of Policing and Crime, noted that ‘BAME victims may be less willing to come forward potentially influenced by their wider perceptions towards the police’. However these are more than just ‘perceptions’ when so many black female victims of sexual assault who actually report to the police can tell you much they were ignored and how hopeless the process seemed. Especially in this case, where no matter how many times he’s been outed, nothing is done

For many, his lewd behaviour is an open secret and they believe that he is being protected - UK hip-hop icon Ty, likened him to Jimmy Savile. Some believe he deserves his own Surviving Tim Westwood documentary. Until then, he is a current Capital Xtra DJ and he continues to host parties with many still geared towards freshers but without affiliation to the universities. 


Throughout his 40-year career, gang-related rumours and abuse allegations have followed him. Rapper, Ty, now passed, claimed on a podcast (35:30-39:03) to have known Westwood for decades and in that time, he was known to set gang members on his opponents in addition to abusing girls including minors. He also alleged that Westwood was involved in a 1994 stabbing. Curiously, current headlines speak of a 'targeted' drive-by shooting taking place at a party that the DJ had attended last week, reminiscent of the drive-by in 1999 from which he had been shot. And coincidentally, after his shooting and the shooting of a student in 1997 at Notting Hill Carnival (where Westwood was alleged to incite violence), it was decided in 1999 that he would no longer perform at the Carnival, due to "safety fears" regarding his life. The average upstanding UK DJ, would have no reason to "fear" that they would be personally targeted at an event where many come to celebrate black culture. 


Help make the UK a safer place for black women and ALL women by setting a precedent for accusations like those against Westwood to be fully investigated by the police. Even if we lose, at least we’ve made progress. Please sign this petition and use #TIMWESTWOOD to CALL HIM OUT and give more claimed victims the courage to come forward. We need to get Westwood OFF our airwaves!

It’s crucial to LISTEN to black women, to BELIEVE black women…

But it's equally important to CREATE SAFE SPACES for us to talk and a judicial system that we can believe in.

Ultimately, it's about what's right. The time of reckoning is NOW

Legal: The image, views and alleged claims reported and quoted in this petition (and its updates) are published as a matter of public interest and in duty to public safety. They are to be taken as examples of the very wide range of allegations against Westwood. While they are believed to be true, the ascertainment of truth is pending full investigation by the authorities. This is in accordance to UK Law and Terms and Guidelines.