Demand CSU Chancellor Timothy White to Support AB 1460

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What is AB 1460 ?

AB 1460 was introduced at the beginning of 2019 by California State Assembly Member Dr. Shirley Weber. This bill will institute an Ethnic Studies requirement as of the 2020–2021 academic year. It will require the California State University (CSU) system to provide courses in ethnic studies at each of its 23 member campuses and the completion of one 3-unit course in ethnic studies, as specified in order to graduate. Students are still able to take other Ethnic Studies courses as electives.

AB 1460 Info

What will happen when the bill passes?

When the bill passes, it will implement recommendations made by the CSU Ethnic Studies Task Force into law. The bill will go to the committee later this month and could be up for a floor vote before the end of the year.

The Sundial on AB 1460

Where does CSU Chancellor Timothy White stand?

In April 2019, Chancellor Timothy White asked each Executive Senate Committee at each of the 23 CSU campuses to write a letter of opposition against AB 1460. The complacency from Timothy White, along with the Executive Orders 1100R and EO 1110, demonstrates lack of respect for Ethnic Studies by the Chancellor’s Office. It is a continuous reminder that students of color, faculty of color and low income communities are not welcomed in places of higher education and we must continue to fight for our existence. Given the historical time period we are currently in with the rise of white supremacist groups, white nationalism, and violence made against Jewish and Muslim communities, Ethnic Studies is necessary now more than ever. We view the Chancellor’s position to be another example of his poor leadership that earned his most recent Vote of No Confidence by the Faculty Senate at CSU Northridge (by a majority margin).

We demand that faculty at CSUN endorse the position of students to support AB 1460. In support of student success, ethnic studies requirements provide students with critical thinking skills, writing proficiency, and argumentation that has proven to enhance their education experience across the board. These skills are necessary because they are the building blocks of educational attainment in higher education.

Effective immediately, we demand that CSUN President Dianne Harrison speak out in support of AB 1460 and CSUN students, given that she promised to do so at the Faculty Senate in October 2017 (recordings can be provided). President Harrison can easily endorse AB 1460 by letting the Chancellor’s Office know that its opposition to the bill is unacceptable. We intend to hold President Harrison accountable because she has continuously made duplicitous statements where she promises our campus community support for Ethnic Studies, yet turns her back against us when we are in opposition to the Chancellor’s mandates (i.e. EO 1100R and EO 1110).

We demand that the CSU invest more financial support in Ethnic Studies academic units so that these departments can provide robust course offerings to fulfill this new academic requirement. Ethnic Studies possesses enriching courses that provide students with fundamental skills to create positive changes for society, yet continue to be defunded by the CSU.

We demand more institutional support to recruit and retain full time faculty of color who will best support our education. We recognize the significance of full time faculty in Ethnic Studies, Gender & Women’s Studies, and Queer Studies because these faculty always provide the types of mentorship that we conventionally do not receive in mainstream disciplines, thus guaranteeing student success.

We demand that Chancellor White stop his campaign against Ethnic Studies, Gender and Women’s Studies, and Queer Studies. He has demonstrated ill disdain for curriculum offerings, faculty expertise, and activism by Ethnic Studies faculty. The Chancellor’s opposition to AB 1460 is in line with a pattern of opposition against Ethnic Studies. We hope the Board of Trustees will hold the Chancellor accountable as he frequently has tried to pit faculty against one another to support his anti-Ethnic Studies measures. This is most reprehensible considering he administers 26 of the most diverse campuses in the U.S. The Student of Colour Coalition is once again concerned that Chancellor White has exposed a pattern of mistrust and complete ignorance when it comes to supporting Ethnic Studies.