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To make as many channels as possible [if not all] 'Copy-Freely'(CCI Flag 0x00)

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This is important for TWC to retain customers and to keep them happy with their service so they don't turn to online streaming, competing providers(Satellite TV) or piracy. So, if almost every other cable company has a majority of their channels[if not all] set to 'Copy-Freely' Why then doesn't TWC? The answer is simple, if channels were set to copy freely, customers could use custom Digital Video Recorders(DVRs like a networked,PCI, or USB TV Tuner card combined with DVR software), and other similar setups, so by disabling the copy freely tag they are locking their customers into needing to use their(TWC) whole house DVR setup to be able to watch their favorite shows[on any tv in the house] - a setup which can easily range in the hundreds of dollars(Not including internet or phone service!) a month, when the other comparable setup would only cost the customer a few dollars a month after the initial hardware/software investment - something that could save working family's a substantial amount of money - So please join me in reducing our bills and stress, and increasing our satisfaction and enjoyment with TWC and their service. If you would like to find more about what CCI Copy Freely is read this:

The other feature that would help but isn't required is making more channels ClearQAM(or non encrypted) which allows a lot more tuners(ones that dont support cable cards or encryption) and the respective DVR and playback applications to record and view content  

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