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Time to Stop Oregon Foreclosures


I support a halt on all foreclosures until there is basic fairness for home-owners and accountability for banks.

Communities in Crisis

The toll of the financial industry's greed can be seen across our city -- in the thousands of Portland homes where families have been forced out through foreclosures and evictions. High foreclosure rates are the result of banks' high-risk investment behavior and predatory lending. Black and Latino communities have been hit the hardest with predatory subprime loans. Even now, banks are exploiting families' financial distress and collecting huge fees from foreclosure.

Homes Before Profits 

When it comes to a home, it is the family it shelters and the surrounding community whose voices should matter most. As a community, our first priority should be the families who live here, and their ability to remain in their homes, not maintaining bank profits.

Fighting for Accountability 

A system that gives banks power over the rights of families and communities is a broken system. We need our elected officials to address this crisis with the meaningful policy at both the state and federal levels that protects homeowners from unaccountable banks and foreclosures. Until that happens, we need an immediate halt on all foreclosures to ensure our community's needs come before the profits of banks.

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