Justice for Buddy the stray dog who was mercilessly beaten by Suraj Parmer and his father

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Dear Respected Ms Gandhi and Team Peta, 

This is with regards to an incident of ANIMAL CRUELTY on May 22, 2018 at Yashkunj society , Ahmedabad where an aged and timid stray dog named Buddy was mercilessly beaten by a cricket bat by SURAJ PARMAR and his FATHER both residing in the same complex. 

The stray dog in question is partially blind and has been in the locality for a long time. The accused blamed the dog of barking and coming in the way and justified the merciless and cruel beating with the cricket bat as a means to teach him a lesson. The dog has been beaten to such a serious degree that he is now very critical and is under the care of BHATIA FOUNDATION TRUST, under the care if Ms Devika Bhatia and her sister Himal Bhatia. Both father and son when confronted gave 3 different stories of lies to cover up their crime. Other residents of the complex however have maintained that Buddy has not bitten anyone and there are no victims who have come forward with the complaint or any evidences. He has been so badly beaten up that he has suffered internal trauma and is under critical care. When confronted at the site of the incident both father and son were not only unapologetic but also remarked that ' at least the dog is not dead'. ( please find below link containing video of Suraj telling the activists ' so what ' if he has hit the dog , at least he is still alive)


An FIR has been lodged at Ghatalodiya police station against the accused for the heinous act. Many of the accused's friends/relatives have come forward and openly threatened both the girls and their safety since they have stood up for the dog. They have threatened them of exposing them to the media on grounds of false publicty by paying off the media to teach them a lesson. Initially both father and son admitted their crime thinking the FIR would be cancelled however since that was not complied, the mother of the accused tried requesting Devika to ' let her son go since it was a mistake and that she should do it on humanitarian reasons'. When the same was not obliged their relatives and friends started being aggressive and threatening. 

There are many Ngo's and foundations who work relentlessly with stray dogs/ abandoned dogs and help spread awareness about getting strays neutered and vaccinated to prevent dog bites if any, however beating a helpless soul is not the way to either teach the animal a lesson or keep them under check. Especially in the case of Suraj and his father. 
There are ample evidences and videos of their family members misbehaving with both activists to force them to take back their complaint. 

Inspite of the Buddy being mercilessly struck he seems docile and approachable as opposed to the false accusation made by Suraj, his father and some of their friends about the dog being very aggressive. 

I request you to kindly help us deliver justice to Buddy, 

I also humbly request all the animal lovers / dog lovers to raise their voice against this issue, so that justice will be served not just to the animal who is mercilessly beaten almost to death but also to the two brave activists who go through odds and receive threats in order to take back their complaint. 

While India does not have any strict law in place against animal cruelty, kindly note that this not only gives the accused a reason to beat and torture animals as they wish and get away with it because they know it is not written in the law and hence will not be punished but it also reflects poorly of our judicial system as they fail to deliver justice and side by the truth. No degree of qualification is of any importance in this case for Suraj as a student of engineering if he lacks compassion. Is this the kind of people who will be the future of India ?It is but a matter of shame to see our society progress backwards when we are working towards a more developed and peaceful nation. https://www.facebook.com/njadawala/videos/10155327758060025/