TIME Magazine, Urgent plea to run a story on the Dog/Cat Meat Trade; Dog and Cat Holocaust

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Time Magazine Editors, we passionately urge you to run a feature article or story on a horrendous atrocity taking place every day, 365 days a year. You are one of the worlds most widely read, circulated and beloved magazines; covering current events around the globe. Your readers are the people who would care about this issue. This atrocious event is current and happening as we speak right now.

There is a scourge on our planet. That is the Dog and Cat Meat Trade in Asia.  

An Entire Live SKinning Process VERY GRAPHIC!

(The above footage shot in Hothot, Mongolia China- note the agony visible in the dogs eyes. Note the paws are being cut off. This is a Chinese delicacy. Note the blood. Note the citizens standing there laughing, as if this were normal. Note the puppies, sitting nearby, probably next in line.)

living dog, hanging from feet being skinned

live dog burning while beating it down with stick

 dog being boiled alive while people laugh

Every single year, an estimated 30 million sweet, innocent, loyal, trusting dogs and many cats worldwide are savagely butchered, to be consumed by the human species - by people who are not poor; nor hungry.  Not only during Yulin Dog Festival in China, BokNal Festival in Korea, but year round. Every 13 seconds in Asia alone, a dog; or cat -- is tortured in unimaginable ways then slaughtered. It is a multi-billion dollar, black market business - involving criminal activity: traders stealing pets plus profits made shipping them illegally from country to country. Sadly, mans best friend - who would lay down its life for any human; pays the price. Meat market traders, restaurant owners and consumers are not starving. There is plenty of other food to eat. Simply put, this industry is fueled by greed

Brits: The Angels of Yulin .... undeniably, best photos of the trade.

The Seoul Times: great article about this trade

 Betrayal of Humankinds Best Friend: very graphic

LIVING dog electrocution

We kindly implore you to consider bringing this story in its full unadulterated truth, to more people. There have been reports/stories put out there, in the United States; but none have gone into the horrific torture. The average person here, while they may have heard about this trade probably is not aware of the "real" story. U.S. news reports gloss over it or sugar coat it.  No one has shown the barbaric ways in which they are tortured first. That's where TIME Magazine comes in. I'm petitioning today to show you. Posting graphic images is not absolutely necessary but it truly catches peoples attention. These haunting images are what drive people to act. It should be mentioned that while we don't condone the activity, and we are not suggesting what they should or shouldn't eat; we are asking you simply address the issue of the inhumane, purposeful and prolonged torture - barbaric and so very unnecessary. Turning our backs changes nothing. We are well aware this subject is disturbing, but doing nothing changes nothing. 

The very leather gloves you might be wearing this winter most likely came from a dog or cat skinned ALIVE somewhere in China. The little pompom topped winter hat may be from a skinned kitten. 


little girl sobs as she finds her beloved stolen pet, Flower, butchered at a meat stall. FRONT COVER WORTHY. This should be the poster cover photo for this trade.

Peoples lives are ruined by this heinous activity. Those of us engaged in fighting to stop it, are traumatized beyond repair. Children subjected to evil learn this is acceptable, thus perpetrating from generation to generation.....No, its not. 


Torturing the terrified animal for long periods of time is known as "tenderizing" the meat. To deliberately induce as much adrenaline as possible into the conscious animal's body, to ensure the meat is as tender as possible; under the ridiculous, unproven, false myth and misguided belief that fear driven adrenalized, endorphine rich meat passes greater medicinal value, regulates body temperature, cures cancer, tastes better and boosts men's libido. Nothing could be further from the truth. In most cases this unnecessary torture is witnessed by other caged dogs (and cats) waiting the same fate, thus increasing fear. If an animal somehow survives, it is often not killed immediately but given "round 2" of more - till it succumbs. It is absolutely and totally FALSE that "this has been tradition for centuries" as the Chinese traders, marketers, restaurant owners and consumers will try to argue. This cruel practice is neither culture nor tradition. In very recent history, dogs were sacred. 

beloved pet hung by neck, witnessing dog in background

dog boiled 

This trade involves intensely long and extremely violent animal cruelty, as well as flagrant criminal activity, in the theft of private property. Dogs (many stolen pets) are fully alive while bludgeoned by heavy metal poles then barbecued still conscious on grills, (seen above) set on fire, blow-torched, electrocuted in the anus, boiled alive in huge cauldrons of boiling hot water to de-fur them, disemboweled alive, paws sawed off, gouged out eyes, skinned alive, (they live approximately 10 agonizing minutes after a live skinning) crucified alive by nail gunning to tables or walls, debarked, hog-tied then hung on poles causing excruciating pain and ripped joints, ear drums pierced, pregnant dogs fetuses ripped out and thrown on the street to die....and unfortunately much more.

skinning a live dog while it peers up in agony at its torturer

South Korea has become the "Land Of The Morning Scream" as residents living in proximity to any dog slaughterhouse will attest to. Instead of natural beauty with clear waters running in tranquil mornings, South Korea is filled with piercing screams of live animal torture and blood running on killing room floors.

Before the torture - slaughter take place however, animals must travel in agony many days even weeks; from all across China, with no food or water; to the slaughter houses. Many die en route - they are the lucky ones. Crammed like sardines into tiny wire cages with broken bones from the force, crushed to near death with the weight of dogs on top of each other, they can hardly breathe. On average, 12 dogs per 1 meter square wire cage. (seen in opening photo)  Under no shelter, in the heat of summer sun or the freeze of winter. Ravaged with disease. Sick, starved and filthy. Feces covered. If they survive that long horrendous trip - they are then lead to slaughter at the meat markets and restaurants, in front of the public and young impressionable children too. Thrown around like rag dolls at market with no mercy or compassion to their plight. Sold to the buyer, then mercilessly clamped around the neck with forceps, dragged while whimpering with fear and killed. "You want fresh dog paw? I be right back...."

One of the most disturbing facts about this practice is the Theft of Private Property. Tragically, so many of the these animals are beloved, stolen family pets still wearing house collars and name tags. Days prior to slaughter they knew nothing but joy and love. Then snatched by unscrupulous traders with poison darts. Once down and incapacitated, they quickly lasso the dog and whisk it away in waiting vans, before anyone sees. This happens mostly at night or when the owners are away.

Brave activists in communist ruled China, risking their lives; tell of how the so-called police are nothing but corrupt greed driven crooks, who think nothing of taking a token payment in exchange for allowing trucks (lorries) filled to the brim with dogs through checkpoints and onto slaughter- when they really are supposed to be arresting traffickers and saving dogs.


As world leaders in technology and development it is disappointing that China and Korea have no animal protection laws to guard the well being of it's animals. Fully conscious dogs are hung up while their lower legs / paws cut off with a dull knives, some hanging and in flames, then their eyes gouged out and are skinned alive, still conscious and writhing in agony as they hang from the neck, or one leg, muzzles tied shut with wire, unable to scream out in pain. Muzzled shut, dogs can't cool off in the intense summer heat.  Where is the humanity?


fully conscious dog being burned to death

beheaded dog; bludgeoned to death

cats awaiting execution

terrified animals muzzled / bound in cramped cages on their way to slaughter

dog boiled alive fighting for its life

"cracklin" dog

Secondarily, the practice poses serious health risk to consumers and tourists alike, with the CDC and World Health Organization linking the trade to cholera and rabies. Many people have died eating rabid meat simply because there are no health standards in this particular unregulated food industry.

In May 2016, U.S. Rep. Alcee L. Hastings (D-FL) introduced H. Res. 401 a resolution condemning China's dog meat trade and the annual dog meat festival that takes place in Yulin every June. It calls on the Chinese government and Yulin authorities to end the dog / cat meat trade and to better enforce food safety and animal transportation laws.  The time to act is now!

To see a full list of what the resolution entails go here: https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-resolution/401

Millions of people and organizations around the world have signed petitions supporting H. Res 401 and back its cause. Since the advent of social media, there has been a global outcry and pouring of support from every corner of the planet, in condemnation; the likes of which are reaching historical proportions.  It's an evil, deplorable trade that has no place in modern society. China, as one of the (if not the top) world leaders in trade relations, economy and commerce, must stop telling the world this is acceptable- because it is not. The world is watching them. Boycotts against tourism, and the products these countries produce, are taking place right now in staggering numbers by outraged millions. 

Animal Welfare Institute excellent article on the trade







World Dog Show Controversy

Ricky Gervais interview : http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015/06/17/ricky-gervais-against-yulin_n_7601856.html

Kim Bassinger at Last Chance For Animals . com

Please! Visit this page to see many heartbreaking (& heartwarming too) stories, videos and photos: https://www.facebook.com/animalhopeandwellness/?pnref=story

The wonderful man who runs the above non profit foundation is Marc Ching. He has a beautiful family and children. He is personally responsible for shutting down 10 slaughterhouses, single handedly, as he has traveled to Asia eleven separate times from California to "bear witness" to these atrocities. Many of the videos you see were taken by him to document the trade in order to spread awareness. It is extremely dangerous work. He has nearly been killed doing it. To go into the heart of darkness and see the sinisters; the killing up close and personal; would break even the most strongest of people. Yet he soldiers on; over and over, continuing to speak for those who cannot.

Another animal warrior is Nami Kim from Seoul, South Korea. Nami works alone on the front lines, walking into dog meat farms where she pulls them out with her bare hands, one by one, taking them to safety. With little to no resources, she negotiates with owners and shuts many factory dog farms down. And it is a very lucrative business for these men. Yet, she has managed to open a sanctuary for the dogs before re-homing them all over the world. She makes sure each and every rescued dog receives the veterinary care it needs. She works with local Korean governments to change existing cruelty laws and she is making huge progress. She is creating many waves and people are finally listening. So i ask, TIME Magazine, will you? Will you speak for the voiceless; the innocent, the defenseless - the broken animals?


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