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The image of Elif, the 3 year old girl being rescued from the wreckage of a collapsed building after the earthquake of Izmir, holding a firefighters thumb, should be Photo Of The Year.

2020 has been a tough year. It took and still takes a huge toll on all of us. While the Covid-19 pandemic is still on the way and many cities are preparing to go into lockdown, Izmir, Turkey's third biggest city was struck by an earthquake of 7.0 magnitude on Friday, October 30th.

Around 20 buildings collapsed, dozens of people lost their lives, hundreds of buildings are damaged leaving thousands of people homeless, with a pandemic and winter months approaching.

While the search and rescue mission is still ongoing at 8 collapsed buildings, this morning at 6.30am we got a shimmer of hope. 3 year old Elif was rescued from the wreckage of the building she was living in with her family, 65 hours after the earthquake.

The image of her after she was freed from her concrete tomb is so powerful and emotional, we think everyone should see it, therefore would like to see it as one of the 2020 Photo Of The Year of Time Magazine.

Vote if you think she and the search & rescue team who saved her, deserve to be remembered.

Thank you.