Time for the next evolution of monster truck (TXT-2?)

Time for the next evolution of monster truck (TXT-2?)

February 2, 2012
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Yoshio Tamiya Founder, Masayuki Tamiya President, Shunsaku Tamiya Chairman Tamiya Corporation,Inc. and
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We R/C hobby enthusiasts would like to see the TXT redesigned with today’s brushless power systems and LiPo battery technology in mind. The stock TXT drive shafts were a major weak link of this truck and prevented the truck from reaching its maximum potential with racers and bashers alike. The universal joints could not stand up to the torque of twin 17x1 brushed motors let alone a high powered brushless system. A new single motor brushless ready transmission with a slipper clutch like is offered in the Traxxas E-Maxx, which happens to be a popular mod for owners of this truck, would be a fantastic update. Owners also have been adapting Traxxas E-Revo drive shafts as a fix to the weak stock shafts. We would also like to see heavy duty axles and axle housings as well. Overall we would just like to see the next step in the evolution of the electric monster truck from the manufacturer that started it all. The scale realism of the TXT is a major selling point so please retain the scale appeal.

Other weak areas that hobbyists have been improving on are the 4 link mounts on the top of the differential case. People have been using aluminum plates to tie them together for more strength and some have used epoxy as well.

We hobby enthusiasts also wish to have more replacement parts readily available. There are many owners of these trucks who currently are scrambling for replacement parts. A possible solution is to make the axles and transmissions available in kit form as complete units as you have done for the Clodbuster axles and TLT axles. If the cost can be kept within reason (~$70 per axle) then I think that would satisfy a lot of people's needs that currently own these trucks and people considering buying the axle sets for custom builds.

Replacement parts that should remain available and be easily accessible to hobbyists are:
1) Axle cases, diff cases, internal diff gears, transmission gears, transmission case, outer stub shafts, inner axle shafts (same as Clod), and knuckles (same as Clod).
2) Screw Bag G, which contains the axle input shafts so Juggernaut axles can be converted to TXT axles.
3) TXT rims which are popular with Clodbuster racers as well.
4) Upper axle gears, just the gears and the shafts not the whole metal parts bag.
5) Hobbyists have also commented on various message boards that they would like to see the gray plastic TXT wheel adapter sold separately rather than having to buy four whole parts tree to get them.

Tamiya rocked the industry when the Clodbuster was released in 1987 and 25 years later the platform is still as popular as ever. Many enthusiasts now long for an updated, realistic, shaft driven monster truck. We feel that the TXT, which the proper updates, could rock the industry again the way the Clodbuster did 25 years ago. We are hoping that because much of the TXT-1 could be used on an updated design that the costs could be kept low making the truck accessible to many more hobbyists and with an updated truck the supply of replacement parts will continue to flow to current TXT owners.


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This petition made change with 248 supporters!

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