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Include Arnold In Any Spinoff Of The Hey Arnold Series: Make An Grownup version of the Hey Arnold series

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Recently on November 23, 2015 Hey Arnold creator Craig Bartlett and Nickelodeon announced that the are making Hey Arnold The Jungle Movie after 11 years.

But this petition isn't about The Jungle Movie its about what will come or if something comes after the movie.

I think its time for the PS 118 gang grow up and now have families of their own for example Arnold and Helga are married and have kids of their own and so, are Gerald & Phoebe.

If you think back to the Season 3 episode “Girl Trouble” where Arnold's granpda is telling a story about how a little girl name Gertrude used to bully him also when they were kids in the 1920s. You can clearly see that little girl was Arnold's grandma.


So, in effect Phil and Gertrude aka Pookie had the same type of relationship as Arnold and Helga do. Gertrude was Helga and Phil was Arnold.

Now imagine a couple years later when the 90s kids are adults themselves (our ages) in the 20s or 30s and are married and have kids together (i.e. Arnold and Helga)

I mean its been like 12 years and most of us 90s kids already have families of our own. I mean they've already made spinoffs of Full House and Boy Meets World which are sitcoms from the 90s. And in the Full House spinoff Fuller House DJ Tanner is now a single parent of three boys herself and in the Boy Meets World spinoff Girl Meets World Corey and Topanga are married and have a family of their own with two kids Riley and Auggie.

Now why shouldn't a cartoon from our era do the same thing as those two sitcoms have already done.

I mean its been 12 years since the “final” episode of the series and finally we are going to get The Jungle Movie.

But what happens to the series after that?

It's been 19 years since Hey Arnold first premiered on Nickelodeon and now us 90s kids who grew watching Hey Arnold have grown up to become parents ourselves. I know Hey Arnold's a cartoon but i think it would give a new twist to the show to actually see Arnold and Helga as parents and of course married.

I mean kids of today need to have better shows than what's on right now. We need news shows, show like what was on tv in the 90s to come back to tv. Shows that teach kids stuff.

I would love to see an spinoff of Hey Arnold where Arnold and Helga married i mean “they're” practically in their 20s or 30s now, like us 90s since we grew up with “them”. Now surely Helga would fess up her love for Arnold, right?

I believe a spinoff like that would attract more attention for Hey Arnold and bring back more people to Nickelodeon. As I said previously I think its time that PS 118 gang grows up and and become parents themselves.

Its time for them to have new adventures and tell their adventures to their kids. We need to bring Arnold and the rest of the PS 118 gang back for new adventures as adults with their own kids.

Let's make this happen.

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