Keep our General Custer Statue standing in Monroe, MI.

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Times are changing here in our great country. The noble fight for racial equality is a much needed endeavor. We owe it to our fellow Americans to confront and defeat racism wherever it might be. 

However, some hold misguided views based in hatred and self righteousness. They seek to “cancel” every historical statue or monument, not fully aware of why we celebrate and honor certain individuals from our city’s past. 

Michigan provided some 90,000 soldiers to the Union during the American Civil War. Roughly 15,000 of these brave men paid the ultimate price. General Custer, arguably the finest officer Michigan has ever produced, played an important and heroic role in defeating the Confederate Army on the battlefield and preserving the Union; therefore, ending the evil practice of slavery in the southern states.

We all know about General Custer’s role in the Native American Wars. I will not condone his actions during that time period. But history is not clean and politically correct. American policy at the time dictated this expansion. 

We must not forget and “cancel” General Custer’s contributions to our great country. I believe that his role in defeating a slaveholding, morally bankrupt, and white supremacist nation (The Confederate States of America) should be why we celebrate this man. Sign the petition.