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Show Same-Sex Parents and Couples in Your Family Trees

This petition had 107 supporters is a popular genealogy website that many people use to trace back generations of their family, starting with your mother and/or father. Unfortunately, wants you to have a very specific kind of family.

Currently,'s family trees start with you, and then branch off to your mother and your father, then to their parents, and so on and so forth. However, with each new generation discovered, only gives you the option of having a mother and a father. What this means is that if someone is a child, grandchild, great-grandchild, etc., of a same-sex couple, they will only be able to find out about half of their family. In order to use the site to its fullest potential, someone with a same-sex couple in their lineage would have to create two accounts to allow the ite to search for records about both people.

Not only is this a blantent display of discrimination against the LGBT community, but it is simply unfair to potential users to the site.

While it is true that if one has same-sex parents, they probably are not related by blood to both, it does not mean that they are not family.'s lack of possible same-sex couples in their family trees tells users that the only family they have is the family they are related to. claims to have "the largest online family history resource." Why should some people not have the fullest extent of access to these resources simply because they have same-sex parents?

Regardless of whether or not supports same-sex relationships, it is a fact that they exist. Not having same-sex couples in the database is not only discrimintaion against the LGBT community, but is discrimination against the faithful users of

Users of should have the option to show their family trees as they really are, whether or not they contain same-sex couples.

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