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Change current ordinances/policies governing animal control

This petition has been drafted so you, the commissioners of this county, understand that “we the people” support changes in policy and legislation to stop the unnecessary deaths of our shelter animals. We urge you:
*To support companion animal licensing, including fees, registration and micro-chipping. The micro-chipping and registration will make it easier for lost and stray animals to be brought back home instead of going to the shelter and housed. If an animal is micro-chipped, Animal Control can simply scan the micro-chip and take the animal back home, if close by, or contact the owner and set up pick up arrangements. In addition to a happy reunion, it will allow for more space at the shelter for animals that have no home.
Fees charged for licensing will support low cost spay/neuter programs within the county. Not only will this benefit Cobb citizen’s pocketbooks, but it will help control the pet population; ultimately leading to fewer animals brought into the shelter.
*To change the policy/ordinance that allows animals to be dropped off “at will” at the shelter. We need a policy that provides for appointment setting to relinquish an animal. Prior to a set appointment, reasons for relinquishment (medical, lack of means or housing, behavioral, etc.) can be addressed and remedies set in place utilizing community resources; thus, in many cases relinquishment need not occur. A second option is if the owner decides to relinquish their animal, these individuals need to help with their pets care by being charged a “care” fee. This money will help fund services and staff for promoting adoption and other ways to rehome homeless animals.
*To change the ordinance as it is now so that the development of a Trap Neuter Release (TNR) Program for feral cats can be put in place. Cobb County will work with rescue/s to maintain feral cats throughout the county instead of euthanizing them. Feral cats will be altered and ears tipped. This will help control rodent population, feral population, and decrease the number of animals euthanized by the county.
We the undersigned, urge you our elected officials to take action right away. As tax-payers and concerned citizens we need and expect to see meaningful changes regarding these issues.
Thank you.

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  • Cobb County Commissioner
    Jo Ann Birrell
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    Tim Lee
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    Helen Goreham
  • Cobb County Commissioner
    Bob Ott
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    Woody Thompson
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