Save Forgotten Dogs Suffering At McGuire Hospital Medical Research Lab

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Since the news story broke on News Channel 8 Richmond Virginia thanks to the "White Coat Waste Project" and journalist Kerri O'Brien, we were led to believe that the Dogs (6 months and up) at McGuire Hospital animal experiment lab were no longer being subjected to torture and experimentation involuntarily due to their funding being cut, thanks to Representative Dave Brat.        

However, the clinic is funded until the end of 2017 and still has innocent dogs in its possession that will be medically experimented upon until their death, unbeknownst to the public, these dogs will never leave McGuire alive without your help.

Our mission is to get these forgotten animals out of this facility and adopted - we already have many people interested in taking these dogs home through adoption and loving them. We are prepared in conjunction with established animal rights groups that are acutely interested in taking these pets and assisting us to care for and adopt these beautiful animals. We urge you to sign this petition and help us free these innocent prisoners on McGuire's death row. "These Dogs Are Man's Best Friend, Not A Specimen"

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