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UPDATE: We delivered over 45,000 signatures at the Tim Hortons AGM!

Thank you to all who signed!

Clearly Tim Hortons was listening, as the company made a ten minute presentation about animal welfare at the May 10th meeting, and fielded several shareholder statements encouraging the company to move beyond the commitments it made on May 4th.

After the AGM, CEO Paul House was quoted as saying “With the egg situation, it is an increased cost factor, but it’s a cost factor we can manage” stating they will work with their suppliers. “These issues are not going to go away”, he said.

He's right about that! With your help, we will continue to push for suitable CAGE-FREE housing for hens, NOT 'enriched' cages, and a clear timeline for phasing out both battery cages for egg-laying hens and gestation crates for sows from their supply chain.

Although the shareholder meeting has passed for this year, we will continue to collect more signatures to show Tim Hortons that farm animal welfare continues to be important issue to consumers everywhere. We will keep monitoring their progress, holding the company accountable, and hopefully present even more signatures next year!


Tim Hortons, Canada's largest restaurant chain, and a rapidly growing company in the United States, currently serves eggs and pork from farms that use battery cages and gestation crates -- extreme practices that treat chickens and pigs like machines -- and that other major fast food chains have already committed to abandon!

Battery caged chickens are so confined that they can't even spread their wings. Sows trapped in gestation crates, metal stalls so small they are unable to move, are continuously impregnated. And when chickens can no longer lay eggs or sows can't give birth, they're swiftly killed. 

The good news is that several fast food chains like Wendy's have already taken positive steps to phase out cages and crates. Just last month, Burger King announced that all its eggs will come from cage free chickens by 2017, and they are working on phasing out pork from sows kept in gestation crates.

After so many of their competitors have committed to doing the right thing, I can't believe Tim Hortons is still letting animals needlessly suffer. In several US states and across Europe, the use of battery cages and gestation crates has been banned. 

Join me and the Vancouver Humane Society and sign this petition today!

Letter to
CEO, Tim Hortons Paul House
Tim Hortons should RRRule out the cages and stop buying eggs and pork from suppliers who confine their chickens and pigs in battery cages and gestation crates.

I recently learned that Tim Hortons purchases eggs from hens confined in battery cages and pork from sows confined in gestation crates. As a customer, I find this practice appalling, and a black mark on the iconic Tim Hortons brand.

Furthermore, I learned that you recently made a commitment to work with the pork industry to source crate-free pork, but did not set a deadline or a percentage phase-in plan. As well, I learned that you opted for sourcing 10% of your eggs from enriched cages by 2013, not 100% cage-free eggs.

Please stop the unethical purchase of eggs from hens confined in battery cages OR enriched cages, and make a more progressive commitment to phasing out pork from sows confined in gestation crates - like many other fast food restaurants have already done.

As a major buyer of eggs and pork, your company has the power to reform agriculture and create positive change for farm animals and the producers in your supply chain. Together, we can make a difference. Please choose cage-free eggs and crate-free pork for your menu items, or I will choose to eat elsewhere.


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