Tim Hortons! You Really Need a Gluten Free Baked Good Option.

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Tim Hortons is an important part of Canadian culture.

We start our days at Timmys, we meet at Timmys, it's a nice place for a first date and a great place to bring your kids for a treat.

Many Canadians are Off Gluten for a variety of reasons, most commonly because they suffer from Celiac Disease.

Celiac Disease is one of the most common chronic diseases in the world, affecting as many as 300,000 Canadians (though many are unaware of it).

One problem facing diagnosis of Celiac Disease is the sheer difficulty of current testing methods. Currently researchers around the world are working on simpler testing procedures. Once a blood test can confirm Celiac Disease, the number of people identifying as "gluten free" is going to rise dramatically. 

Eating gluten free is not something that is going to go away. Gluten free options will always be required in food establishments.

McDonalds debuted gluten free brownies this past Christmas and Subway now offers gluten free bread. And Starbucks has tried out a few different sandwiches.

Isn't it time our Canadian coffee spot had a little something for us to enjoy with our coffee? 

Katy (at the TDL Group Corp) told me that "each guest call and suggestion is logged and tracked in our database so it can be reviewed by our Research and Development group who are responsible for new product development" and that they are "closely monitoring statistics and information on conditions like Celiac Disease".

Let's make them log and track the many people who want to see a gluten free option at Tim Hortons