Allow truckers to walk thru the drive thru during the coronavirus pandemic.

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With the coronavirus pandemic happening there is a shortage of food, baby essentials, toilet paper,  hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies ect.   The only way to keep these things on the shelves are truckers, fuel stations and restaurants but if truckers are unable to use the drive thru at these restaurants there will be less truckers to keep those shelves stocked.  So please get the word out that the restaurants need to work with the truckers and allow them to walk up to order their food.  There will be a bigger crisis on our hands if truckers refuse to drive because they are unable to get ready made food and keep rolling. 

They are already dealing with closed rest areas with bathroom facilities and at times difficulties finding adequate bathrooms.  They to are having a hard time finding food in grocery stores to keep going so they are dependent on restaurants for food. 

Please help by signing this petition to allow your truckers to keep moving and allow you to get your essential items.  We are experiencing an unprecedented glide event so we all need to work together to get through these  difficult times.