Close Tim Hortons drive-thru

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CLOSE TIM HORTON’S Starbucks, Second Cup and all Cafe drive thru operations  NOW! Employees need to be laid off immediately so they can practice social distancing. Workers have no choice but to continue attending their scheduled shifts for fear of being fired for missing time or because of the financial hardship that will fall on them if they stop going. We cant stress our healthcare system further by having employees lining up for stress leave as a means to protect themselves from this deadly virus. Our healthcare system has bigger things to worry about!! We cant have 5 workers crammed into a small space from 5 different homes in a six by six space, sharing headsets, taking payments from hundreds of thousands of people with a shared pin pad passed to everyone when we need to isolate and eradicate a deadly virus claiming the lives of people of all ages.The message is that Tim Hortons and other coffee chains care nothing for public health or workers, only profits! Employees are breaking down in tears weeping with frustration and fear of being fired. This is not an essential product, we can live with home brewed until we are safe to go back to normal. These people need our protection since their employers obviously don't want to provide their workers with a safe environment. Please sign.